"British Orthodoxy"
There was no such understanding of " Eastern Orthodox Church" back than! The style of monasticism in some parts of the Isles was definitely influenced by the desert fathers, and of course in reading stuff like Bede and the lives of the saints of that era you'll notice that many of the things common to later eras of Roman Catholicism ( indulgences, scholastic philosophy etc, just to name a few)were nowhere in evidence, but it's also a stretch to say that the British  Christianity of that time was somehow the same thing as the modern post Nikonian Eastern Orthodox.

One cannot read either Nikonian Orthodoxy or modern Roman Catholicism into that era. The Church back than was undivided. We get glimpses of it from stuff like the Bedes Ecclesiastical History, Gregory of Tours " History of the Franks", the Rule of St. Columba or some ofthe other hagiographies of that time.

I would agree that the monastic spirit of that time and place seems more like the desert fathers than that of the modernish idea of religious " orders".

Both modern Roman Catholicism ( from the 13th century to now) and modern Orthodoxy ( with it's obsessive Palamism, ethnocentricism, below the belt polemics etc. ) have nothing to do with that era.

I do think that St. Bede, Cuthbert or Columba would be more at home amongst the Copts in some Egyptian Skete, or in some Northern Russian or Athonite hermitage than they would in a modern Roman Catholic or city Orthodox monastery though.

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