Self-Made Man

I'm posting this here, in the About Men forum, but thought about posting it in the distaff one. Why? Because I think this book could really help women to "get" guys.

This book is written by a woman who posed very successfuly as a man for research purposes, wanting to understand what men are really like. And what she learned amazed her. She came out of the experience with a profound, new respect for men, a delight with how giving they are and how they bond, an empathy for how much responsibility they shoulder -- and with very little reward. This is a book all men should get for their wives, a book I wish all feminists would read, a book parents should give to their (older) daughters. And men will undoubtedly find it as fascinating as I did as well.

Below is a video of the woman who underwent this social experiment and wrote the book "Self-Made Mad," about what she saw and learned:

Very, very interesting.  Thank you for sharing.

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