Working Title: Mary Droppins... OR...
...How a Custodian Did an Archbishop's Job.

A tragicomedy at  St. Cecilia Cathedral of Omaha where custodian Mark Kenney exclaimed...

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Bless Yuns,
This article has more detailed information regarding this particular incident. Along with other disturbing movie memoriabilia and depictions which are peppered inside the Cathedral.

Wow... It's very, very, VERY rare I'd ever condone destruction of property, but in this case -- well, he's a hero, assuming he did it right and didn't damage Mary Poppins when removing her. This wasn't a secular setting. It wasn't a museum or whatever. It was God's very Home, and what was happening there was sacrilege. Why they can't do all this "fun stuff" (and I dig me some fun stuff, mind you!) in the meeting hall, school gym, church basement or anywhere else other than in the church itself is beyond me.

I once tore up a Masonic "Bible" I found in the CATHOLIC chapel of a VA hospital. I was stunned to have seen that sitting there. Outraged! I tore it up, and left it along with a note in front of the Catholic chaplain's door. To have a Masonic "Bible" inside a Catholic chapel, where the Blessed Sacrament was --- no freakin' way I could do nothing. And I don't feel guilty for having damaged the book itself; it wasn't a mannequin of Mary Poppins that could've been used elsewhere to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious effect; it was blasphemous in itself.

How twisted.  I can't believe a priest would condone this.  I can't believe the archbishop's office has to "review" this case, and would have anything to say other than "get this stuff out of the sacred space of the cathedral." 

When I was a kid, my family lived in Europe for a few years.  We visited many, many churches in Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and seeing signs at the entrances detailing the appropriate attire for men, women, and children.  I even watched an American lady get asked to leave the Cathedral in Florence for wearing a miniskirt and sleeveless shirt.  How did we go from that level of reverence, where the public is allowed to enjoy the beauty and art, but in a reverent fashion, to this outrage of flying movie actress displays? >:(
Why does the flower show have to be in the nave? Chapel?

Doesn't the cathedral have a parish hall of sorts?



Sad as it is, I had a good ol' belly laugh imagining the looks on the faces of those who were behind all this...  hoo har!

Would have paid to see a video of Mary Poppins cropped, dropped, and rolled out the door.

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Just one more word on this and I'll ... errr... drop it (snicker).

Church Milly posted this today about past "flower festivals"...

I think the custodian lost it not just 'cause it be sacrilege, but because these mothers are super creepers!

[Image: DSCN1499.JPG]

CM caption: "Queen Elizabeth I (who tortured and murdered Catholics"

[size=12pt]Follow up on the "Poppins Choppin" man... 

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A former custodian who disagreed with the secular content of a flower festival at Omaha's St. Cecilia Cathedral has been fined for damaging it.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that 59-year-old Mark Kenney was sentenced Thursday. He'd pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and was ordered to pay $100.
Kenney has said he was upset by the secular festival theme of "A Night at the Movies." He admitted that on Jan. 29 he cut a cable holding a suspended Mary Poppins figure, and it crashed to the cathedral floor. He then removed a cardboard Buddha figure from a chapel and tossed it and several costumed mannequins outside.
Kenney told Judge Lawrence Barrett during a sentencing hearing in Douglas County Court that he was prepared to pay restitution for the estimated $5,000 to $6,000 in damage. Barrett said that church officials contacted the county probation office earlier this month to say they wouldn't be seeking restitution and didn't have a sentencing recommendation.

"I can understand your motives, sir, but not your actions," Barrett said to Kenney.

Kenney told the newspaper earlier this month that movie character images are inappropriate in the Roman Catholic cathedral because they amount to sacrilege and idolatry.
Kenney said after the hearing that the episode was over and that the church didn't pursue the issue any further. He said his actions brought attention to secular events being held at the cathedral and that the Omaha Archdiocese will now monitor the festival more closely.

"I think they understand the problem, and the bishop has made a statement that the archdiocese will be checking into (the event) in the future," Kenney said. "I'm satisfied."

Here's hoping that if St. Cecilia Cathedral  tries something like this next year, that it'll be another... *ahem*... [size=18pt]SMASHING success
.    HOO-HAR!

Bless Yuns,

I prayed for this man who did the righteous action and the priest.
You could say getting rid of these things is a spoonful of sugar for faithful Catholics. :)

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