Good news from Denmark
In Denmark we have a biweekly extraordinary form mass in Copenhagen, thanks to a traditionalist community over there and the support of bishop Chezlaw Kozon.

For a couple of years now a smaller group on the mainland of Denmark, around the largest Catholic parish in the city of Aarhus, have tried for quite a while to get a traditional mass going there, with mixed amounts of success. While it would be lovely to use the big Jesuit run church in Aarhus, unfortunately architectural adaptations have made it hard to celebrate mass there, even in the chapel.

There is a church building in a nearby city Randers, barely over an hours drive away which is decently suitable for it. With benches so that the foremost bench row can be used as a pseudo-communion rail, and an altar at the back. For a while we had gotten permission to gather there every quarter year for a celebration, which drew in a small crowd of around 30-40 people, and usually new faces.

Unfortunately the old priest there retired and with him gone came a new priest who had a very new approach to the old form community. It was hard to get permission to celebrate mass there, but we managed every half year (on a weekday or a saturday). Getting something arranged on a Sunday wasn't in the cards, and we couldn't have the mass advertised with posters or had it announced during the announcements portion of the ordinary Sunday mass. This should not reflect too badly on the priest, who I think was driven more by concern about splittings in the community. We've had some itinerant spiritual movements in Denmark like the Neocathechumenate, who have been a bit divisive.

We make sure to treat him with respect and of course to pray for him.

So, Kristoffer the leader of our group, approached his Excellency Bishop Chezlaw Kozon about this situation since by Summorum Pontificum we of course have been granted right for such a mass to be celebrated (especially since we bring a priest along to do it - even if we have to fly him in from Ireland).

The bishop, after some deliberation agreed... and then went to Randers to discuss this with the parish priest himself. After that we got an email from the bishop saying that things had gotten a little heated, and we should let six months pass until things had cooled down, but it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Then he asked us who was celebrating the next mass. Kristoffer admitted he hadn't found anyone yet at which point he said "Oh, I'll come and do it then."

And he did. And to top it off he said there'd be confirmation rite for three adults who had asked him to do it in the extraordinary form. And it was the first time in fifty years that this rite had been carried out in Jutland! This was the first time I got to see this done. He did an excellent sermon on the importance of reverence, faith and seeking the Holy Spirits aid, in the face of a secular world devoid of God.

[Image: img_9945.jpg?w=1000&h=&crop=1]

[Image: img_9953.jpg?w=1000&h=&crop=1]

Now after this, it seemed that the parish priest has softened up quite a bit. He's us allowed to have monthly (MONTHLY!) celebrations there, on a sunday as well! Sunday 3PM usually. Which is very reasonable. And the last time we had such a mass, he was there up in the choir looking at it curiously. The relations have been much improved.

So this is my bit of good news. I haven't been around on Fisheaters so much because I've been busy with this community. Next friday, deacon Jan Hansen will be ordained to the priesthood, and he's very traditionally minded. He says he'll try to sneak in an extraordinary form mass every month or so, and I know its his intention to celebrate the ordinary form very reverently.

Please pray for him, and please says a prayer of thanksgiving to God for Bishop Chezlaw Kozon.

[Image: img_1630.jpg]
That is indeed good news.  I'll pray a decade in thanks.

Beautiful church in the photos, btw.
Great news! I hope eventually you can even get a weekly Mass!
Well, I am resurrecting an old thread, but it is worth it.

The church is very beautiful! I know that Denmark and mamy countries nearby are full of interesting churches, some I've heard are made in the many 'Other-Modern' styles.

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