For Women Trying to Get Pregnant
If you're wanting to conceive, give these herbal supplement pills a shot. They've been around since Victorian times, and the saying goes "There's a baby in every bottle." These pills are good for any sort of female troubles -- from PMS issues, to trying to get pregnant, to trying to get periods regular, to menopause problems like hot flashes, etc.:

[Image: lydiapinkham.JPG]

Read the reviews! Of course, they won't work for everyone; nothing does. But they're overwhelmingly loved by women and have been for a loooooong time now.

If you're wanting a baby, I so pray that it's God's Will for you!
Hang in there, sister!
His Will be done!

Just wanted to share that this supplement helped me years ago;
The fertile aid and cm supplement helped within the first month. I never had to take it again because I think prayer and the herbs must have reset my fertility.
It had an odd side effect on me so just pay attention to your body and stop taking it if it has adverse effects. 

Prayers to those open to life and wanting to welcome a blessing.
There's a lot of stuff out there regarding fertility. 

Male fertility issues are actually quite common these days with lower testosterone levels and lower sperm counts. For men there are some supplements that will help make them more fertile. Men should consider taking folate (very important for women too), zinc, vitamins C/E/B6/B12, L-Carnitine, L-Citrulline (which turns into L-Arginine). Co-Q10 was also shown to be beneficial. 

For women some of those same vitamins are also worth taking. If a woman ovulates and gets her period very quickly (short luteal phase), then they say that higher doses of vitamin B6 may be helpful. Same with Vitex. 

Also for both sexes, getting in good shape/losing weight are shown to increase fertility. However, a woman should also be sure to keep her body fat levels at a healthy level. Too thin is bad.

This site has a lot of links regarding studies for fertility and miscarriages
Blood of Christ, relief of the burdened, save us.

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