New Moderator

Just wanting to let y'all know that the Secretary-Treasurer will be moderating the site for me for a while. He'll be using the name "San Giuse," in honor of the great St. Joseph (and 'cause he's a fellow paisan'!)

So be nice to him! I'll be busy for a while, so any issues with the forum you might have, take it up with "San Giuse," OK? He'll be the boss around here! Look for him to post here in this thread soon...

A sisterly XO to each of you :)

Thank you Vox,  I'm happy to help.  :)

Yep, I've revamped the Sec/Treas account but it's still me.  Still attend daily Mass at a FSSP parish, still married to my kids mom, still dad to some great kids, still an Enrolled Agent. 

As to the "why"...  This change allows Vox to do what she does best: create fantastic content here on FishEaters, without the "distractions" of moderating.  Trust me, you're going to enjoy having more of things like the new section on the Preternatural World... 

I'm looking forward to serving you all!
As long as he is chill with my now occasional feminism rants we good!  :grin: :grin:
Nah, we good.

I might have to pull out my "Dance monkey, dance!" gif if you do, but realize that I do it with love brother :grin:

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