Do women really care about men?
(04-14-2016, 08:08 AM)formerbuddhist Wrote: I'm not joking when I say this to you divinesilence, go and find yourself a nice Filipina. You will never, ever go back to a Western woman again just trust me on this. You still have to do your part and be a man, but she will treat you extremely well compared to western women. I know this from experience.

Not going to work for me bub! Already paired with a western woman......
(04-14-2016, 01:51 PM)introvert Wrote: You know divinesilence is already married, right? Why would you EVER suggest this?

Bad women exist everywhere. I'm getting tired of people pulling the "all women are like that" garbage and then granting exemptions for women from certain groups. You all need to stop reading whatever it is you're reading.

We can agree on that much! The problem however is western culture has a particularly acute toxin that turns women into rabid feminists even if they don't call themselves such. Only about 30% of women call themselves feminists but 55% vote for politicians that bend over backwards for feminists. There is no corner of our culture not engaged in some form of vagina worship so if the shoe fits wear it!

I'm not saying women are innately feminists, but the female ego IS a doorway to the dark side. Given that our culture is pumping up the female ego these days it is no wonder why feminist attitudes are sprouting in healthy abundance. That is something only women can put a stop to because the last thing the female ego is receptive to is the input of a man......just saying.
A couple of things

1. I'm a guy
2. You're not crazy, many Catholics are coming to an understanding of the problem within the horridly effeminate-ized human element within the church and consequently don't see the problem with significant or even adequate clarity. Its not that confused Catholics are without fault, but still take pity on they and I and yourself as we have all been cruelly deceived by devil's influence.
3. The problem is extraordinary: Our Lady of Akita in the 70s-80s said that at that stage mankind had already become more sinful than they were at the time of the deluge of Noah.
4. Cultural Marxism is in the very air we breathe.
5. Many Conservative/Libertarian upstarts on the internet are pointing out the problems with "ideology shattering clarity." Typically the call it getting "red pilled", and they claim that their is a several month period of rage after you start to see all of the many problems, but if you're only getting bits and pieces of problems from time to time, this could be dangerous b/c the "red pill rage" might never subside in that case.
6. I used to suffer from depression and frustration before I learned about attitude improvement and the removal of negative influences from my life. check out Zig Zigglar, and cut news down to reading only, and for only 20 minutes a day from your preferred websites. I think, after a few weeks you will feel much better, have keener perspective, and be better able to figure out what to do to fix any problems in your family situation.

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