new papal document
I've been reading about the new document. Is it an encyclical? What is its level of infallibility? How does it relate to Papal infallibility? That is what I'm wondering. It seems from comments here there is a view that came up termed gradualism. Is that a statement on doctrine or practice? How does that affect things? Maybe the Pope didn't mean it the same way as some others? I'm sort of troubled and confused but don't want to doubt or  criticize the Pope either.

Is gradualism a valid concept in SOME way that is being misapplied by some people or is it not the Church teaching at all? Is it problematic in essence or only if we say it excuses reception of Communion? Heres an article - wondering if its correct.
Any helpful comments would be appreciated, thanks!
Fr Z seems to think that it's not actually changing doctrines just could potentially be used by liberals with their agenda?

some more:

Still trying to understand gradualism however and how it relates to Church teaching and what is actually said about it in the document.  Is the way it's talked about in the document a doctrinal way or a "pastoral" way? what is the doctrine even?

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