Deciding gay marriage as civil policy by popular vote
What is the morality of putting this out to a vote? Many politicians say it should be up to states to decide this since federal government should not get involved in issues like this.
The morality of putting an intrinsically evil issue up for vote?

The issue has come up in Australia. Conservatives support a plebiscite on a constitutional amendment to make samesex marriage legal because they think it won't pass by this vehicle and if they don't address the issue this way, it will be settled by a vote in parliament where it will most likely succeed. Although in principle it is immoral to propose such a plebiscite, in this case it may be the best political tactic to stall the cultural revolution down under.

It's wrong to put it to a vote as if either result were morally acceptable. But I don't think it's wrong to ask the lawgiver to make a good law where one is needed or to refuse to adopt a bad law that is being proposed or imposed--and such actions in this system are done by vote.  But a vote can reach the wrong decision and make a bad law just like a king can, but that doesn't make it wrong to ask the lawgiver to do his/their job correctly.


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