Question about Dipping
I was dipping for about 5 years. Gums and teeth were starting to get bad. I stopped immediately after looking at some pictures of some long-time dip users. Thanks be to God.

Anyway, I wanted to know if there were any non-tobacco chew/dip alternatives, with or without nicotine, that taste close to tobacco.

I would prefer it to have nicotine, but I can do without it, but the main thing was that it tastes like tobacco...perhaps the old straight, or mint, or wintergreen tobacco I used to enjoy. It doesn't have to taste exactly like tobacco...I am just looking for the closest brand that tastes like tobacco. The closer the better.

I looked at some online, but many seem to be coffee pouches or tea pouches, not really something that would taste like tobacco straight, etc. I hope someone has some ideas here, or I am going to go slightly crazy.  :grin:

Thanks very much.

I was thinking maybe that...have you tried it?
Tobaccoless Smokey Mountain. Just got it. Pretty good. Has a bite like regular dip and tastes like Copenhagen. Not too bad for someone who wants to quit snuff or chew.

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