The Age of Joseph
Google it.  The Society of St. Pius the X is the Church.

More from this guy ...

The SSPX does not claim to be "The Church" just one small congregation within the Church.

Would you kindly stop trolling.

Why don't you explain what this means though? I'd like to know what the post is about, but please put links up or discuss it.

I hear a Michael Jackson song in the making, "We are the Church." That's probably in some Newman Center hymnal already. I like the Society though, and I have a bad habit of shouting a lot in discussions about them. Especially if beer.
(04-17-2016, 08:12 PM)rafael12 Wrote: Google it.  The Society of St. Pius the X is the Church.

Cut it out, Rafael. First off, your use of the phrase "The Society," as if everyone should know what you're talking about, it not cool. There are plenty of people reading over our shoulders who have no idea what you mean by "THE Society." The FSSP is also a "society."

Second, this isn't an SSPX or bust forum. (I, as the owner of this place, attend Masses offered by the FSSP when I can.)

Third, and has been said, not even the SSPX itself sees itself as "the Church." They see themselves as a priestly fraternity in the Church, albeit in an irregular situation.

Fourth, posting one liner after one liner with no context, no meat, nothing to discuss, etc., isn't the purpose of a discussion forum. That's what Twitter is for. FE isn't your personal Twitter account. If you have a point to make, then make it using arguments, citations, links to back yourself up and provide further information, etc.; posting "146 characters or less" -- MOST especially when you give your veritable "Tweet" a crazily "non sequitur" subject line (what does St. Joseph's age have to do with the SSPX?!) is breaking forum rules and doesn't fit with what this forum is about.


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