Minor Seminaries
I recently learned about these. Could anyone tell me about minor seminaries and how related to major seminaries prior to V2 and such?

What were the classes like? What subjects were taught? What were the curricula like?

How did they help prepare boys for the priesthood?

Any answers would be appreciated, call it "professional Interest".
There were high school seminaries and college seminaries. The high school seminary of course was all boys, and not all the students went on to college seminary, though of course many did.

If you're quite curious, some time back I found this research paper  by someone at Catholic U about the rise and fall of the minor seminaries. It's quite long and scholarly, but gives about as much information as you'd care to know.

The curious thing is that minor seminary enrollment peaked around 1950, well before the Council. There was a hollowing out of the Church in the West starting in the nineteenth century, which continued to eat away under the surface until the spirit of vatican ii lanced it like a boil. But the signs were there. Leo XIII saw it. So did Pius XII. So did John XXIII, and that's why he called the Council. But it was too late and the post-conciliar reforms were hijacked.

Anyway, flip through this document if only for the enrollment graphs by year. Fascinating. The story of the implosion of the Church in the 60s and 70s has a long and dark history (that probably goes back to the "enlightenment" and Luther...)

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