Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
I do think he made a mistake about how he dealt with this. He should have used his past experiences to make him more compassionate to people living such lives as he one lived. He knows what misery it is. Not everyone has a mother who can cause their conversion. I think it would be much more helpful if he had continued to identify, at least in relevant situations, as gay/bi.

As we have seen on this forum, many gay people, who live according to the faith, still struggle to fit in and continue to battle with doubts. It is totally unclear exactly what sort of role such people have to play in the Church, and people avoid talking about it. Eve Tushnet has done a wonderful job about exploring this and sharing her experiences with people. She shows how this apparently unwelcomed disadvantage can be used for the the ultimate good, as it did in her case, to lead her to a life of celibacy and devotion to helping others. Despite his celibacy and apostolate, Voris seems to still be confused about all this. He lacks the joyful warmth and understanding required when spreading the good news. He just shouts at people and gives that stern eye, all the time. As a result he only re-enforces the stereotype of the gay self-loathing Catholic. Sad.

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