Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
I believe this is one of the best videos I've seen by CM. Finally something that looks Catholic ! Something that reminds me of St. Augustine, St. Angela of Foligno, etc. You can perceive the reality, the almost palpable, heavy substance that is the power of the Cross and the Resurrection (the same power that operates in us, Eph. 1, 19). I don't understand how people would want to trade that for the fuzzy, ephemeral feeling of being welcomed in the abstract—something that many, if not all, use to settle with their sins.

That aside, I don't see the necessity of making a public confession and I don't see how it discredits him on speaking of the gay issue. I remember having discussions here with people who claimed priests could not speak about sex because they're celibate and I used to mention the most famous case of St. Augustine, who speaks out of experience. Now people think that because this guy has experience, from his past life, that he cannot speak about it ? Which is it ? Yes, and of course, men cannot speak about women, because we're men. And if some women criticize feminism, that's just self-hatred.
No ! The infiltration of gays in the Church, the general immortality and intemperate passion of Catholics, the crazy feminism deforming the Church, are grave issues that should be addressed by Catholics in good standing (and bad Catholics !) regardless of their past life or other contingencies.

I don't follow CM (especially not after the SSPX debacle) to see if they are or are not obsessed with the gay issue. But I'll just leave this here.

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