Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)

I am really bothered by this on so many levels. First, the accusations against the NY diocese. If that's so, then what a sickening, disgusting thing for them to do. Detraction to the max. Revolting!

Second, the idea that Mr. Voris was apparently made to believe he owes people an apology for having been a great(er) sinner before his reversion (I use the "-er" to indicate that we're ALL sinners, not that Mr. Voris is some special breed of sinner). The asking for forgiveness at the end -- no way. He's already been forgiven by God; he doesn't need people in his audience to forgive him. He didn't sin against them by keeping his private life -- esp. his past private life -- private. That's no one's danged business. Period, the end. If any "Catholics" storms away from CM for his revealing past sins -- or even present ones he might be struggling with -- then they're asses in need of a good dose of humility and charity, and a night spent in getting the beams out of their own eyes.

Third, I do wish that Voris had been more forthcoming about any past struggles with homosexuality, for all the reasons Xan brought up. He could've been soooooo much more effective if he had. He could've offered a lot of hope to those struggling with homosexual inclinations (a group I feel great compassion for, even though I'm not queer myself). I'm curious as to why he didn't go that route, whether it's because hes' just a private kinda guy -- or whether he thought that certain trads would reject his work (there are definitely those toxic types out there who likely would) -- or something else.

Anyway, I hope this doesn't harm his apostolate.

P.S. And this sort of thing is exactly why I'm in favor of those who are struggling with homosexuality "coming out". The idea of people "having something on you," being able to blackmail you, having power over you in that way -- if I were homosexual, I couldn't bear it. The idea of feeling as if I were living a double life or some such would bug the heck out of me.  I'd be out and -- not "proud" (why by "proud" of having a disorder?) but unashamed.


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