Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
(04-22-2016, 06:54 PM)Truecharity Wrote: One more quote from Fr. Nicholson

"Those who are the most ardent fault finders are those who suffer from a deep self-hatred. Homosexual acts produces in an individual such self-loathing that it not surprising that the gay culture manifests itself in attacking with hostility. Unwittingly the culture of the Internet is dominated by this gay culture ... And today, many Catholics are so deformed that they have succumbed to it. That is why there are groups and individuals who can make a living off of bashing bishops. They survive on poorly formed Catholics. Do not follow or listen to anyone who bashes the sacred hierarchy. It is an evident sign they experience self-loathing. Even if the person has repented of deep sexual sins in their past, human nature will be infected by those sins. It can happen therefore that the prodigal son can turn into the elder brother. Have nothing to do with these forms of "apostolate"."

Though I love Christine Niles (she's a lovely person), I rarely listen to CM, so don't really know the tone of the place lately. But I can't imagine what is wrong with working to stop the "lavender mafia" from controlling "the gateways" -- such as to seminaries, etc. I don't consider that to be "bashing" in itself -- though I'm sure it could be done disrespectfully and cross over into "bashing" territory.

It's kind of "funny" that what Father is saying here is akin to what CM says about "bashing" the Pope. To me, respectful, honest criticism -- that doesn't involve rumor-mongering, detraction, calumny, reading thoughts and motivations into others, etc. -- of any member of the hierarchy, whether regular Bishop or the Bishop of Rome, is fine.

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