Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
(04-22-2016, 07:08 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote: It's kind of "funny" that what Father is saying here is akin to what CM says about "bashing" the Pope. To me, respectful, honest criticism -- that doesn't involve rumor-mongering, detraction, calumny, reading thoughts and motivations into others, etc. -- of any member of the hierarchy, whether regular Bishop or the Bishop of Rome, is fine.

Well said Vox.
And that is why I find these last quotes which I posted earlier to be pertinent:

"As it stands now, the real victim in all this is the Archdiocese of New York who're accused --without evidence-- of being gay-shaming bullies by Voris."

"Whatever some people in the Archdiocese of New York might have been planning, they will do nothing now. They would realise that it would be not only pointless but counterproductive now. But I think it is likely Michael Voris will have to make public the evidence he had; otherwise it would seem as though he were making an outrageous claim against the Archdiocese."

What Voris should have done is, if he thinks it is necessary tell his life story without accusing NY diocese at all, at least not name them. Focusing on the Crucified Christ rather than his own personal reputation. Again his soul would not be damaged even there are untruth told about him. But God would not look kindly on him and his outfit even they produce lies about the Roman Pontiff on a daily basis, calling good evil and evil good.
He just opened up a can of worms by libel. For his sake I hope he can support with evidence what he claims.

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