Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)

"But then there's the matter of proving it's true"

He's got a litigious mind.  He kept a boat load of paper work from when he tussled with the Archdiocese of Detroit so that he could prove what took place.

Based on what I've been following I don't think proving the shenanigans would be a problem.  He's had infuriated parishioners who have been neglected for years contact him with gobs and gobs of info.  Some of them have been willing to be seen on camera, some not.  At least one who spoke to him on camera (blurred out and voice distorted) worked inside the diocese and had/has privy to top player's meetings.

I get the feeling that if push came to shove that these people who love the Church so much and are tired of seeing it dragged through the mud would lay it all on the table and I think the NY Diocese knows this.  According to insiders the NYD are lawyered up over this mess and my guess is that they would have called MV's bluff if they thought that was all it was.  Instead, I think they defo started diggin' dirt and he beat them to it.  The NYD is probably now trying to figure out who has been tipping him off.

They really kicked over a big, nasty basket of sneaky snakes.  The expose' they did on this was really well done and I could not believe I was only hearing it from CM.


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