Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
(04-22-2016, 10:21 PM)Share Love Wrote: I'm so tired of this infighting among Catholics. Certain sedevacantists want to mentally excommunicate all non-sedevacantists, or even all non-sedevacantists who don't adhere to their specific interpretations of things. Liberals want to change the whole Church. Novus Ordo attending conservatives (like myself) are often seen as "Neo-Catholics" for not being able to attend the TLM. Traditionalists who attend the TLM are often painted as "too trad" or "not trad enough." It's ridiculous. If we can't band together and display a unified front, how is the world supposed to see the truth with clarity and believe?

I suppose that's a side effect of the lack of a strong orthodox teaching Church. Most faithful Catholics believe the dogmas, try to live the life, etc., but there's this strange phenomena of each one going his way, which is comprehensible : if the bishops don't teach you have to teach yourself. Fr. Ioannes Petrus spoke about this in this interview.

Somehow we have to manage to keep the faith almost by ourselves, and that's why I think divine providence has placed good popes to deal with liberalism and modernism and why there are many good traditional priests (and they are part of the teaching Church). Even with some occasional nasty fight, at the ground level, it has been my anecdotal experience, most disagree only on minor details (if you are a typical person asking for counsel on, say, how to deal with the pope, the answers will not vary very much).

Of course, from what I see, Fr. Nicholson doesn't sound that good, and I have to wonder what sort of market corner he has found for himself among TLM enthusiasts. Probably Opus Dei members or « professional apologists » for the current Nomenklatura. Very interesting coincidence that he just found out he is actually opposed to the gay spirit of criticism.  :eyeroll:


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