Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
(04-22-2016, 10:21 PM)Share Love Wrote: I'm so tired of this infighting among Catholics. Certain sedevacantists want to mentally excommunicate all non-sedevacantists, or even all non-sedevacantists who don't adhere to their specific interpretations of things. Liberals want to change the whole Church. Novus Ordo attending conservatives (like myself) are often seen as "Neo-Catholics" for not being able to attend the TLM. Traditionalists who attend the TLM are often painted as "too trad" or "not trad enough." It's ridiculous. If we can't band together and display a unified front, how is the world supposed to see the truth with clarity and believe?

I can a find a through-line with almost every group besides the liberal Catholics. They're better off joining other denominations that cater to their social outlook.

As for Voris, good for him. This is the type of "coming out" that is, indeed, healthy. He confessed and repented. I remember reading his wiki bio about a year ago and I thought it was rather strange that, being  a man of his age, was single and the "working too many hours to have a relationship" was more of a coverup of (A) his inability to find a wife or (b) that he was a homosexual.

But I will have to disagree, to a degree, with others here - I think he should continue his talks on homosexuality. Sure he was a little "militant" about it, but he was clear and, well, right. He focused on it because, as we have learned, committed such sins and he knew it was wrong even while committing it. Is he self-loathing? I don't think so. As he said he abhors his past actions - he hates the action, not the person and he doesn't come across as a self-loathing, just a person who knows the right path and wants others to choose the path he's taken. If anything, Voris is an inspiration.

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