Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
Those bringing up Voris' past sins simply for self-gain and for the sake of knocking him down are sinning, probably gravely.

At the same time though, those who would entrust their youth to him have a right to know.
(CMTV has the young man PAUSE program)

Homosexuality is a sin that can be forgiven. But it is also a mental disorder from which the young must be protected. It's not safe to trust anyone who we know to have any sort of sexual perversion with children or youngsters.

We would undoubtedly and without hesitation act the same way towards a repentant ephebophile/homosexual priest. His sins are forgotten without a doubt, however no parent in their right mind would let their young ones hang out with him.

As it stands right now most Catholics are forced into into an almost Protestant "once saved always saved" position. I got news for you guys: forgiveness does not mean we need to grant him license to keep doing what he's doing or forgo the appropriate and necessary response to these revelations. There are consequences that he has refused to accept as part of his past sins, namely that he has no place leading any religious discussions, or leading any kind of lay apostolate which grants him a position of authority. In an ideal situation, the local Bishop would insist he step down and remove himself from all self-appointed positions of influence. But we don't have that luxury.
Do your due diligence.

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