Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
I am going to quote Greg (I think a former member here), nonetheless, he brings up good points in another forum.:

Quoting Greg:
"This is my objection to him continuing to be the public face of CMTV.

1. I doubt his repentance is sincere or at least fully "dealt with"

a. 20 years of sodomy from 25-44 is a very long time and a very conscious adult decision.
b. He didn't admit his past until 10 years into his apostolate.
c. Homosexuals are master manipulators and liars and he is a media savvy homosexual. That means he has ALL of the tools to fool people and elicit their sympathy. Of all the candidates who could look sincere but be insincere Voris would have to be one of the most qualified.
d. The dates on his conversion story don't wash with the story.

2. Where's the humility? A semi-intelligent look at the Traditional Catholic position would at the very least have to acknowledge the debt of gratitude the conservative camp owed to the SSPX Society. Without which modernism would have triumphed 30 years ago. Without the SSPX there is a very real chance that Voris would be a practicing sodomite today in good standing at his local rainbow parish because the church of old would be resigned to the dustbin of history.

If you are sincere in your repentance you should at least be humbled by your 20 years of sodomy and departure from the sacraments that you would be very cautious about judging and condemning those who had been holding the fort while you were AWOL and buggering men. You don't appear in the Vineyard at two thirty and start calling the other workers who have been there since dawn "Spiritual Pornographers".

I'm not an SV nor a Russian Orthodox but I'd show those people the respect they have earned. Especially if I was late to the Vineyard!!!

3. He not merely speaking about the faith. He's very actively teaching and preachin it. He's lay's down what he believes is "the law". Furthermore things like retreat Cruises and gathering men aged 18-25 together in a house are near occasions of sin for a former sodomite. Retreats are really entering into the realm of the clergy. Laypeople are on thin ice here.

Discerning men's vocations? Gathering them together in a house? Surely a former sodomite who has a mature understanding of his sin and he weakness would not touch this idea with a 10 foot pole. Even if he is completely free of is lust (unlikely), how does it look to others if his 20 years of sodomy is then revealed.

As a thought experiment, Let's assume two Catholic men fathers of large families who have grown up, devout Catholics who have never lapsed decide to start a mission. The mission is to visit the stage door of pole dancing clubs and mission to the Puerto Rican and Mexican dancers to see if they can get them to change careers.

Most Catholics with good common sense would think this was really risky and a near occasion of sin. But they seem to be good at it and are having some success at getting the girls to quit and get other moral jobs.

Now pretend that one of those say 60 year old men had an arrest record for being a pepping Tom when he was 16 years old in 1972. A single occurrence. At that stage the whole equation changes. Not particularly because you think a 44 year old arrest record makes him significantly more of a threat but because you know that even the a slight charge like that can be manipulated and do more harm through scandal than the good the two of them can do.

Voris doesn't have a youthful indiscretion. He has an extremely sordid past. If he was truly sorry he would be very very alert to the scandal he could cause through these retreats and his utterly mad and dangerous "Pause" idea of gathering 18-25 year old men together."

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