Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
(04-29-2016, 07:48 PM)Fontevrault Wrote: Everything Vox said here is so very true!

Vox and the fishies brought Pilgrim and I into tradition.  We attended our first Latin Mass thanks to friends here.  We thought that such a beautiful and vibrant faith was impossible in the modern world.  They were with us as we struggled to adopt our kiddos.  When I was making the rocky transition from 1 teenager who could have raised herself to 3 little wild children, they held my hands (metaphorically) and comforted me.  FishEaters is a special place.  It can be a wonderful space for sharing our struggles and strengthening our faith.  In my experience, that's the best of what this forum can be. 

Please don't walk away.  Understand that the internet can bring out the worst in people.  We trads are spread so far apart that we need a place like this is bring us together.

Oh, my gosh -- really? It was FishEaters that brought you and Pilgrim to Tradition??? I am so -- humbled, and so HAPPY to know this! THANK YOU for relating that to me! Hearing things like this absolutely makes my day! Yaaaaaay!

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