Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
(04-29-2016, 08:02 PM)Share Love Wrote: I just have a hard time being around bad attitudes. I left other forums because I either found them full of toxic trads or dissenters who, in my opinion, were given too much reign to dissent. That sort of thing can be a bad influence on people with either weak faith or a foundation that hasn't been properly laid yet, so to speak. Being ignored (as I believe I was on this thread) doesn't sit well with me, nor does biting sarcasm or rudeness.

I'll stick around. I just need to relax a bit.

A hard time being around bad attitudes? You and me both, sistah! I try to keep that "toxic" stuff away from here because I can't stand it. People who are like that really don't seem to get that they are not reflecting authentic traditional Catholicism -- and that they drive souls away from Christ, His Church, and Tradition. In other words, their posts defeat the very purpose of this place! It drives me nuts that they play so fast and loose with souls just to make themselves feel superior. And it drives me nuts twice because they harm my work -- work I've poured years and years of energy into. And it drives me nuts thrice to know that their presence once drove off the exact sort of people I want posting here, leaving only them until I decided that I needed to "clean house" and not have the sort of "all trads welcome" approach I wished I could have had earlier on. (And even just ONE poster can cause that sort of harm! Just ONE. Witness this thread!) But some "trads" -- thank God, a relatively small sub-set -- are people I just can't have posting here. They harm souls and they have the power to kill this "apostolate."

The toxic types are just that:  toxic. They're uncharitable, nasty, rude, "holier-than-thou," judgmental -- and they wrap it all in a cloak of alleged "sanctity" that makes them the worst sort of hypocrites.

We've got to outnumber them and keep FE as a refuge for traditional Catholics who have a clue about charity, who've had conversions of the heart in addition to the head.

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