Michael Voris comes out with his past sins....(Too much info)
(04-29-2016, 08:37 PM)Vox Clamantis Wrote:
(04-29-2016, 07:48 PM)Fontevrault Wrote: Everything Vox said here is so very true!

Vox and the fishies brought Pilgrim and I into tradition.  We attended our first Latin Mass thanks to friends here.  We thought that such a beautiful and vibrant faith was impossible in the modern world.  They were with us as we struggled to adopt our kiddos.  When I was making the rocky transition from 1 teenager who could have raised herself to 3 little wild children, they held my hands (metaphorically) and comforted me.  FishEaters is a special place.  It can be a wonderful space for sharing our struggles and strengthening our faith.  In my experience, that's the best of what this forum can be. 

Please don't walk away.  Understand that the internet can bring out the worst in people.  We trads are spread so far apart that we need a place like this is bring us together.

Oh, my gosh -- really? It was FishEaters that brought you and Pilgrim to Tradition??? I am so -- humbled, and so HAPPY to know this! THANK YOU for relating that to me! Hearing things like this absolutely makes my day! Yaaaaaay!

Yes, Vox it was your forum and site!  I joined the forum in 2009 I think.  I was teaching and we were working on the adoption.  Pilgrim and I were struggling with how to make our faith less intellectual and more vibrant.  We wanted to find a way to share a uniquely Catholic culture with our children and had zero reference point.  Your website was a tremendous help.  Magdalena suggested we attend a Latin mass near us both.  She met us after mass when I gave her a description of the skirt I was going to wear.  I attended (struggling to read the missal and pay attention) and realized that I knew a lot of the people who attended and had taught quite a few of their children.  It was like stepping into a family.  I realized that I understood the liturgy far better than I did anything in the NO in the US.  I had attended one Latin mass when I was living in Paris as a teenager but didn't realize that there were other opportunities.  I was a medieval scholar and couldn't stand modern American church architecture.  Video screens were a complete distraction at mass.  Our local parish offered little in terms of real depth.  They didn't have pews but chairs without kneelers.  Nobody knelt at the consecration.  Pilgrim was struggling with the NO too.  We talked away from the NO and never looked back; we attend the NO only when we can't find a Latin mass that will work for our children's schedules.  I think it was my second or third mass before I realized that I really could just listen and understand the mass.  I have studied a fair bit of Latin (I even taught it) but never really listened to it.  I thought my dad was crazy when he told me to just listen and it would "click."  But he was right.  :) 

It turns out that quite a few friends I know IRL were on the forum and, while they are not here anymore, we still see each other from time to time.  Nobody said anything about FishEaters or the Latin mass until we started attending the local TLM.  Then we became part of what seemed like a "secret club."  It turns out that traddies don't share their faith terribly well.  I'm not kidding when I say that we know over half of the TLM attendees and never knew the mass was even going on. 

So, thank you for this site and this forum.  It made a huge difference for Pilgrim and I.  Most of all for me because when I stayed home to finish up the adoption and take care of the kids, I was really cut off from everything I had known.  I had never stayed at home; heck, I was a latch key kid.  There were no moms like me in my neighborhood (there still aren't).  I had nobody to talk to much of the time.  My friends here were what got me through a really rough transition.

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