What is beauty?
(05-02-2016, 11:37 PM)richgr Wrote: Vox, if you haven't, you should read his whole book on the sea. It's quite good: http://www.amazon.com/Sea-Within-Waves-M...587317575/

I admit, I fell into a Socratic trap. I clicked on the title expecting to discover an exploration of beauty itself rather than examples of the beautiful, much like Socrates, when asking what is justice, was given examples of justice instead.  Sticking tongue out at you

That book sounds soooo like me! Thanks for telling me about it! At over $50, though, it'll likely have to wait LOL

Anyway, I like this thread. I love reading about all the little "snippets of life" that people find beautiful...
Here are some more:

The sound of your loved one's laugh.

Meeting a goal you worked hard to achieve.

A husband's hands on his wife's visibly pregnant belly.

Seeing a new life enter the world.

The view from an airplane's window.
Seeing your baby for the first time on ultrasound and knowing he/she is healthy and you are past the worst risk of miscarriage! 
(05-03-2016, 06:35 PM)Fontevrault Wrote: Seeing your baby for the first time on ultrasound and knowing he/she is healthy and you are past the worst risk of miscarriage!

Preach on with that.

An infant sleeping on your chest.

Sunrise over snow covered mountains.

Wild caught rainbow trout.
Almost running off the side of the road because you're distracted by a rainbow... OK maybe not that one but rainbows are beautiful too especially when you consider their symbolic meaning (and no, it does not mean have sex with whoever you want).
The forest floor after a rain.

First deer of the season.

My wife's eyes.
Waking to birds singing as the sun peeps over the horizon,
Roses rising from their winter slumber, ready to burst with new life,
Early morning quiet time to read and pray,
The promise of a new day with no mistakes in it yet.
Pretty much anything by Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, or Vivaldi.

Wagner's "Entrance of the Gods."

One of my crib midgets giving me a hug to say they're sorry.

That feeling of pride when I taught one of the kids how to change a sump pump, a tire, handle a knife safely, re-lay drain pipe, or some other useful life skill.  And knowing that it sank in.

Walking into church for confession early, being the only person there, and having the whole church to yourself to pray.
Beauty is a honeybee on a sunflower.

[Image: 13173835_1684084258522106_48903184161124...e=57A39090]

Beauty is Grand Valley in the fall.

[Image: 13124780_1684078038522728_19997413440390...e=57B236E3]

Beauty is Northern Ontario.

[Image: 13178019_1684079621855903_67111520822284...e=57A259DD]

[Image: 13103442_1684079891855876_82385976972181...e=57B419B2]

[Image: 13095824_1684080111855854_43965467766874...e=57A46C4D]

Beauty is a prairie sunset (with the waning moon and Venus).

[Image: 13165916_1684080695189129_23637166243155...e=57E1083C]

Beauty is the wild rose.

[Image: 13151671_1684081975189001_25824459909061...e=57B16942]
The Shenandoah valley in the Spring.
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