What is beauty?
I have a few moments that are frozen in my mind, moments in which I was overwhelmed by His creation.

One is when I saw the sea for the first time, when I was 16. It was after dark, so I couldn't really see it so much as hear it, smell it, and feel it. Broke down and bawled like a baby.

When I was in Washington, I was sitting at my kitchen table, looking out the window. There were TONS of snow on the ground, and snow kept falling as I was watching. Huge flakes of snow. My birdfeeder was right out there as well, and birds were swarming it. An incredible number of beautiful birds of all types flying around in competition with those huge flakes of snow -- and to top it all off, I had Bach's Cello Suites playing in the background. It was just one of "those moments" that can't be forgotten and that make you feel sooooooo grateful! That moment is so stuck in my head that I wanted to make a triptych of it.

Driving on Easter Sunday and seeing the Sun's rays shining down through white clouds -- those sorts of rays that look painterly...

I visited a friend who had a cabin in Brown County, here in Indiana, a place famous for rolling hills and gorgeous Autumn colors. It was Winter, though, and I had my dog, Bro (R.I.P.). He was a little black dog, a great friend. The landscape was white -- snow-covered, including the pond that was just outside my friend's front door. Seeing my little black dog so happily run across that pure white frozen pond is another of "those moments."

I went on a trip a good number of years ago with another friend, and during a part of it, we drove through the hills and mountains of Virginia. Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" was playing on her tape deck (this was a loooong time ago LOL), and it was so, SO beautiful.

Being on "The Maid of the Mist," the little boat that takes to you to the very bottom of Niagara Falls, and experiencing all that POWER. Whew!

I was sitting outside the Medical Museum I volunteered at, smoking a cigarette (or 12) between tours, looking at a tree that was a good long distance off. A leaf blew off and was carried by the wind in that sorta wistful way winds carry things -- and which brought that leaf to land almost right at my feet, about a foot away.

In Washington, I was walking down my loooooong driveway to get the mail. The driveway was surrounded by super-tall Washington-style trees -- the kind that stay green all year. As I approached the end of the driveway, I saw a single leaf hovering in mid-air, about three feet off the ground. It hovered and spun on its axis, very quickly. It wasn't slowing down or speeding up. Its "vertical-ness" wasn't changing at all. It was just spinning around on itself, as if being twirled by fairies. It was surreal! I kept looking at it, dumbfounded, and walking toward it -- only to discover that it was hanging there, in place, by a single spider's thread.

Again at the Medical Museum, a hawk flew right over my head, about 6 or 7 feet above me --- whooooosh!

Most everyone knows about the story of Marta my Cat and how I believe she was sent to me by God and my Mom, to console me after my Mom died, but there's another story like that in my family. When my maternal Grandma was dying, she kept telling Mom that she was seeing a squirrel outside her window, all the time. My Mom blew it off, chalking it up to the morphine. But the day after my Grandma died, my Mom hears a tapping at her back door, the door in the kitchen. She opens it up to see a squirrel. She grabs some snacks for it, goes outside, and the squirrel not only doesn't run away, but takes the food right from her hands. And it sat with her, not even a foot away. And would come and sit with her just about every day for the entire Summer.

S'all I got for the moment...
I just watched the Phantom of the Opera. While its not normally my thing I found it enthralling and emotional and very beautiful if not in the way one would normally call something beautiful.
When I was a kid, I got to see Lake Bled and the Triglav in Slovenia, Neuschwanstein in Germany, and the Amalfi coast in Italy.  Good times, good times that I'll never forget.
My friend is in Abkhazia on vacation and he keeps saying how beautiful it is there.  Yeah, I'm a sinner with some envy right now...  LOL 

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Wow Zubr, that's truly lovely! 
Being able to sleep in next to my wife.
Okay, I'll add one then. Sticking tongue out at you Playing Bach for Pentecost. Excited.


Golly, if you can play that Bach, you must have some talent! (and undoubtedly worked really hard!) Gorgeous Smile
Something altogether simpler and homey:  waking to bird song and soft giggles as my kids attempt to help me sleep in on mother's day and fail utterly.  So cute!
Pre-dawn forest noises, with the sun just starting to poke over the horizon.

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