A Snapshot of the State of Catechesis
I think this is why we are given Eucharistic miracles.  People who should know better simply no longer believe.  It is like God needs to slap them upside the head with a little scientific proof. 

I remember my confirmation class and I'll admit that it was a total circus.  The basic threshold for receiving the sacrament was whether or not we knew basic prayers.  They never taught anything of substance.  My teacher was an alcoholic who used our class as a reason to stay sober the night before (she told us this in class one day) - and it didn't always work. 

My mother, who attended Catholic schools, is the most poorly catechized person I know.  She either doesn't understand about 90% of what the church teachers or chooses to ignore it.  She and my father fought about the faith on a weekly basis, so much so that my sister never did get confirmed.  I had zero resources at home to lean on.  It was so bad that for a long while my dad went to mass in secret during the week (while he was at work) because he couldn't go on Sunday without destroying his marriage.

It's not just CCD that's the problem: it's families that don't think they have to teach their children about the faith.  Aside from doing some charitable work, my mother holding a dodgy "agape meal" (whatever the hell that is), and occasionally not eating meat on Fridays, there was no Catholic culture in the home.  We said grace but that's about it.  From what I gather, that was a "Catholic home life" that was better than most. 

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