A Snapshot of the State of Catechesis
What these two posts from imdb reflect is actually a growing trend captured by all the recent research from Pew, Gallup, etc., namely, that Christians, whether Catholic or not, are leaving the faith principally because of doctrinal disagreements and that these arise from environments where they feel uncomfortable asking questions about their faith and seeking answers for their faith.

The emphasis is slightly different. People are reporting that they felt like they couldn't ask questions, and people who did ask questions and left report experiences of being shot down and embarrassed for asking "stupid" questions. I remember helping teach RCIA, and when the parish deacon was giving a guest presentation on holy orders, he went off on a bit about why soon women will be allowed to become priests, some of the catechumens looked at me very uncomfortably. They wanted to disagree; they wanted to ask. But the deacon had such an A-type personality that everyone felt uncomfortable saying anything. Once he left, the questions came flooding in from these poor people. I've been told similar experiences by my friends who help at the RCIA at the local cathedral...

Since these people don't receive reasonable answers, they then quickly conclude that there is no answer or that the answer is whatever the majority of society reports it to be.

So we should be focusing on catechesis, yes, but more importantly, we should be making sure that we create the environment for others to ask questions and to realize that there are very reasonable, persuasive arguments in favor of the Faith.

We're at a point where mass literacy allows us to have the illusion that we can understand sophisticated arguments when most of us really can't. However, the psychological result is that many are hoping to hear something more sophisticated presented to them (even if we can't understand it per se), and when we hear watered down stuff or are not encouraged to seek answers, we are ready to assume in this age of ultra-rationalism that Faith is a fundamentally irrational thing or at least non-rational (fideism), as some famous atheists like Michio Kaku maintain.

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