A Snapshot of the State of Catechesis
(05-07-2016, 10:35 PM)richgr Wrote: The emphasis is slightly different. People are reporting that they felt like they couldn't ask questions, and people who did ask questions and left report experiences of being shot down and embarrassed for asking "stupid" questions.

Absolutely! I think that this issue was just one of the many problems with catechesis before Vatican II. Honest questions deserve honest answers, and too often those answers weren't given, with the questioners being made to feel as you described.  The results of that are part of what we're enduring now.

(05-07-2016, 10:35 PM)richgr Wrote: (snip)

We're at a point where mass literacy allows us to have the illusion that we can understand sophisticated arguments when most of us really can't. However, the psychological result is that many are hoping to hear something more sophisticated presented to them (even if we can't understand it per se), and when we hear watered down stuff or are not encouraged to seek answers, we are ready to assume in this age of ultra-rationalism that Faith is a fundamentally irrational thing or at least non-rational (fideism), as some famous atheists like Michio Kaku maintain.

That's one of the great problems with any sort of traditionalism, whether with regard to religion or politics. The liberal views of things can be summed up in pithy sound bytes and sexy bumper stickers; the traditional view of things requires serious thought and longer explanations -- things most people aren't made to deal with. And, so, here we are.

I say give them the long, complicated answers anyway, even if they're likely to not understand or be willing to invest the time to follow along, what with their smart phones bleeping at them incessantly. At least they'll know the answers are out there and that a traditional mindset isn't a matter of being "brainwashed" -- which liberals accused us of being while being themselves, ironically. And, meanwhile, make "the long march through the institutions" to control the channels of culture, reclaim Western civilization, and to make the "common sense" answers that are accepted without thought traditional ones instead of ones born in the Frankfurt School.


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