A Snapshot of the State of Catechesis
All of these kinds of posts are just ridiculous. People are told complete nonsense and outright lies. They have no clue about theology in any sense. Their knowledge of Catholic/Christian history is completely distorted as they're told complete garbage and believe it without questioning it... because we can question Catholicism, but can't question what mainstream historians and scientists have to say even though they're proven wrong over and over again.  It always grinds my gears when I talk about what the Muslims are doing in Europe and have been doing since the founding of their religion and people try and bring up the Crusades. Or when people talk about the Inquisition. They know nothing about what these two things really were about.

They take small instances from the Bible (typically from Genesis) and try to make it sound ridiculous and use it as their reasoning as to why it's all wrong and made up as if they're the first person to have these kinds of questions in the thousands of years that Sacred Scripture has been around. People in our time think that they're so enlightened and that what they believe is so new and never been thought of or done before.

Then they spread their nonsense in all of these places and people read it and those with weak faith have it shattered.

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