For the sale of my parents' house
Please pray with me that they get an offer soon.  We have found a property here in the US that would house both families quite comfortably.  But we need to sell the house in France in order to buy the one here.  They have a young family who is very interested in the house and we are hopeful.

I know it is a rather weird request.  We are planning to move in and help my parents out.  But we need space for 5 kids and ourselves plus a main floor master suite for them.  The house we have found has a huge master suite with enough room for a hospital bed if someone needs it.  There's plenty of storage space as well.  It is a nearly perfect situation. 

Thanks all! 
:pray: :pray:
Prayers for a speedy and good sale!  :pray2: :pray2: :pray2:

I thought this was relevant.
Thanks Dominicus but I'm not there to place a statue and I don't think my mother would choose to do so.  :)
Update: what with protests in France turning violent, terror issues, refugee influx, and all the rest, we don't think the house is going to sell any time soon.  So, we have found a second house that is **much** less expensive than the last but has enough room in it for all of us to be comfortable.  It's nowhere near as palatial (the last one was over 8,000 square feet).  But it will certainly be comfortable and affordable without selling the house in France.  Please pray for us that the offer we put in will be accepted.  Target move date is sometime in August when I'll be 7 months pregnant. 

Thank you!!!
Yay for finding a house.

Nay for not selling the old one.

Just keep praying, just keep praying...

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O.K., Dory's 'just keep praying' may be officially my favorite Catholic-related meme. This made my day on a day I needed it!

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