26 Foods With More Protein Than an Egg

You are so right!  I tend to "cycle" keto diet with a low carb but more reasonable eating plan.  This gives me a break from the restrictions and my body a break as well. 

The Glycemic Index rocks!  It is a great tool.  The Montignac Method is a French diet that came out well before South Beach and follows pretty much the same idea taking into account the Glycemic Index.  It encourages eating whole foods, healthy fats, and a really balanced diet.  Theoretically, you can lose weight doing it.  I have struggled with losing weight on both South Beach and Montignac (yes, I've really tried both) and pretty much every other iteration out there. 

For whatever reason, ketogenic is so strict that I can follow it well in spring and summer, feel good doing it because there are so many more fresh veggies available, and then go a little easier on myself once the fall comes.  I will still bake low carb cookies for myself as a not so terrible choice of a treat during the holidays.  Cycling this way has kept me from gaining weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas (a miracle by American standards) and leaves me eating what I think of as a more seasonal menu.  I can indulge a little bit in those oh so satisfying winter soups and stews, the occasional piece of fresh bread straight from the oven, and still not feel like a heifer.

I can't thank you enough for the Ezekiel bread recipe link!  I can't afford the $4-5 a loaf costs at the store.  There are simply too many children in my house who will snack on it (one loaf will be gone in a few hours).  I tend to bake all my bread anyway, so this is a really wonderful thing. 


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