More than boys; why men are needed to serve the altar
(05-26-2016, 09:33 AM)ermy_law Wrote: What do you make of the medallions that servers are given as marks of distinction?  I've noticed this both at Institute parishes and at the SSPX -- I think that the latter has an altar servers' guild that awards service with red-corded medallions worn whilst serving.

If the medals are those of the Archconfraternity of Saint Stephen (which I featured twice in my article; once in the opening quotation, and once again at the bottom with the photo of servers being enrolled in it) and all the rules and devotions are observed, then it's fine, even laudable. Its modern incarnation, the Guild of St. Stephen ( gives the medals out rather willy-nilly in average diocesan parishes in England, so I'm told.... but the traditional communities enrolled in the Guild most likely also use the pre-conciliar Servers' Handbook and devotions. The old version is actually online, if you want to peruse through it yourself here:

[Image: medal-explanation-small.png]
(05-27-2016, 12:40 AM)Poche Wrote: I tend to worry about altar servers who receive awards and medals of distinction. I still remember what happened to Dr. Fields. 

What happened to Dr. Fields?

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