More than boys; why men are needed to serve the altar
(05-24-2016, 10:17 AM)maldon Wrote: So maybe it is just an aesthetic preference I have, when I say I think HK is right on altar service, chant, the Office, and pretty much everything he posts on. If so, I can only hope that in the future, there will be churches for poor people like me with such preferences.

That's a big endorsement. Thanks.

The problem with red cassocks is that there really isn't any reason to use them unless the usage is determined by a longstanding privilege, e.g. a chorister in the Westminster Cathedral or Sistine Chapel choirs. Otherwise, as Dom Matthew Britt wrote in "How to Serve (in Simple, Solemn, and Pontifical Functions)" (1934):

Quote:Cassocks of altar boys should be black. It is fitting that a boy serving Mass should wear the clerical garb, which consists, for all clerics who are not prelates, of a black cassock and a white surplice...

The use of red for such cassocks and accessories...dates from the nineteenth century and no earlier, and however attractive red cassocks may be to some, and distracting to others, they do not harmonise well with the dignity of Christian worship. As ministers of the altar the servers have dignity enough from their office without these red vestments...

Admittedly, there's much bigger fish to fry out there....

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