More than boys; why men are needed to serve the altar
(05-25-2016, 10:58 AM)ermy_law Wrote: What do you think of the servers' attire at Institute of Christ the King parishes...?  (For those who don't know, they wear a blue cassock with a white, collared surplice.)

I'm not a fan of the collars because they resemble mozzettas or pellegrini (both of which are marks of distinction or rank, not worn by just any old cleric). The blue is fine, though. It's part of a privilege granted to their society. From the Institute's FAQ:

Quote:In 2006, the Cardinal Archbishop of Florence, responsible for the overview of the Institute's life, bestowed upon our priests and oblates their specific choir dress. The choir dress consists of a rochet, a mozzetta, the cross of St. Francis de Sales on a blue and white ribbon, and a biretta with a blue pom-pom. The superiors have a blue mozetta, the priests have a black mozetta with blue piping, and the oblates wear the cross and ribbon on the surplice. The blue stands for our complete dedication to the Blessed Mother and is traditionally the color shown on St. Francis de Sales in most paintings of him. The choir dress expresses the strong unity, spiritually, and identity of the Institute and adds solemnity to the liturgy.

It would make more sense, however, if the Institute's seminarians also wore blue cassocks when sitting in choir. Since they wear black, it raises the question of why their servers would wear anything different. The whole idea of servers wearing choir dress is to imitate what the real clerics are wearing, since they stand in for minor orders.

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