I don't know if I believe in the Catholic Chruch anymore :Infallibility
(05-23-2016, 01:33 AM)Share Love Wrote: That soul reading experience sounds fascinating!  :O

I'll tell you what, it wasn't general like a horoscope either it was specific and to the point and spot on.

Here's the story.

When I was 18 and had just become a Catholic again one of my friends, "Tom", who I've known since I was a little kid told me we had to go see a particular F.P.O priest in this group. He said his mother had met with this priest and that he "read her soul". He had the supernatural gift of knowledge just like what is said about Padre Pio. This particular friend of mine was a buddy who I got drunk with and smoked pot with all through high school. So this information coming from him specifically was very intriguing. Tom was never a devout Catholic.

We drove 10 hours or so to visit these priests in Massachusetts. Tom had written them a letter telling them we, me, Tom and his girlfriend, were coming because, of course, the F.P.Os don't have a phone.

When we arrived this long bearded, shaved head, woolen robbed man with glasses answered the door. I introduced myself and that was all. We spoke for less then two minutes and then Father suggested we go into the chapel to pray. So we went in there and knelt down on the hardwood floor with him. After 20 minutes of kneeling in silence he got up and tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for me to come with him. We went into a private room in the friary with two chairs and sat down and he asked me why I'd come. I told him "I heard you were like a psychic." (I was 18)...He told me "Oh no, I'm very sorry but you have been misinformed. I'm sorry you came all this way under the wrong impression. A few times the Lord has given me the gift of knowledge but it's not something that always happens." That was the most we spoke. He knew my name and why I had come nothing more.

So then he started praying aloud asking God to be present with us. We said an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be together and then he eventually began speaking in tongues with his eyes closed. He had his hand up pointing towards my head like he was praying over me in tongues. I've heard Christians "speak in tongues" before and it just sounded like random gibberish. But his tongues were a beautiful language. It was similar to french but even more sweet sounding in some way. Very pleasing to the ear.

After about five minutes of this he stopped and opened his eyes and kind of like appeared to be waking up from a trance and then he started saying things. I'm not going to tell you exactly what he said but he knew some very specific extremely important secrets about me and how they had affected my life. The things he knew weren't general or vague like a horoscope they were specific and meaningful. It was as specific as "Where you in your early teenage years selling drugs?" When the answer was yes. That's just an example. He didn't actually say that to me.. It was all spoken about and presented in the most gentle and loving manner. He didn't say many things but what he did focus on was the most vital and important things in my life that he absolutely couldn't have known about. It was a supernatural event.

After we were done he took me back the the chapel and took the other two people to pray with him in that room one by one. Then when we were done he insisted that Tom and I stay there at the friary with him rather than all 3 of us sharing a hotel room as we had planned. Because there was a girl with us Father was very against that idea. We agreed and stayed the night with them in the friary and participated in their numerous prayer times. The girlfriend stayed in the hotel alone because a girl couldn't stay the night at the friary.

Both Tom and his girlfriend told me that he knew specific important private things about them as well. They were awe struct by what he told them. It had been a miracle with all three of us. For example he knew that Tom's girlfriend had been struggling with bulimia. Neither I nor Tom had known this before but she shared it with us because she was so awe struck by Father knowing it when she had hid it from everyone in the world.

I changed the names in this story and withheld the F.P.O priest's name. I want to write him a letter and ask him if it is ok for me to publicly share this story with his name before doing so. Anyways there's only 10 or so priest's in the F.P.O's I wouldn't be surprised if they all had miraculous gifts.
(05-23-2016, 01:31 AM)brogan Wrote: God has led them out of the Novus Ordo mass but he has led them to make the Novus Ordo mass solemn and holy.

This should say "God hasn't led them out of the Novus Ordo mass but he has led them to make the Novus Ordo mass solemn and holy." but I can no longer modify my post. I wish the allowed time to modify posts was much longer on this forum, like 24 hours or something. It seems like it's something like 10 mins and then you can no longer modify.
I'm deeply touched by all the things you have shared, Brogan.

I believe in the experiences you describe.

I was raised Charismatic Catholic, spent 10 years attending daily Mass at the NO and 10 years at the FSSP.
I have seen good and bad in each.

Your questions are also the main ones I tend to struggle with as well.  I too wonder about the infallibility contradictions, but I'm far too ignorant to even try and figure that one out.  I LOVE TRUTH.  I don't like to be fooled and definitely don't want to be led astray.  Just lay it out in black and white for me.    I want a perfect Church fulfilled here on earth just like the pictures in the Baltimore Catechism!  But I guess I'll have to remain humble and trust God for everything, including my path to salvation and His ability to fix the Church's problems.

My life has been one abuse and betrayal after another (I won't give too much detail so as to remain anonymous),  and now I am disabled and live alone.  If I didn't read Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence I would have probably killed myself years ago since nothing in my life made sense otherwise.  I now read it once a year because I tend to forget.

How can I expect my life to be better than the one my Lord Jesus lived?  Often the only thing that brings me consolation when my heart is ripping apart is to say, "I don't understand!  I don't know why!  But....thank you.  Thank you for the betrayal.  Thank you for the calumny.  Thank you for the sexual abuse.  Thank you for the incurable disease that makes my life so hard."  It kind of makes sense because acceptance is the final stage of grief. 

It is only then that I can feel any consolation.  I unite the sufferings to His cross and offer them up for the very people who hurt me.  I want to see them in Heaven!!!  I don't want Satan to win.  :P

I love this show called Fixer Upper and was telling a friend jokingly, "That was supposed to be my life!"  Then I corrected myself and added, "No, actually I was meant to be kidnapped as a child by sex traffickers, beaten and held as a sex slave in some third world country until I die of aids." 

Thank God for my cross!!!  And this life will seem short in the end.  This isn't our home after all.  And I have air conditioning, delicious food, and Amazon just delivered a huge box of toilet paper to my door. :)

I believe in baptism by desire because of the example of St. Dismas and because the Catechism explains that while the Church is bound by the words of Jesus to proclaim that baptism is necessary for salvation, God is bigger than the Bible and He can make exceptions if He wants to.  The Good Samaritan was in the wrong religion after all. 

Plus as someone already mentioned, "To whom much is given much will be expected."  One priest explained that we will be very surprised at some of the people in Heaven.  St Peter will welcome them saying, "Well done. We sure didn't expect much out of you!"  :LOL:

I also love the short stories by Flannery O'Connor because they show how God is always reaching out to save even the most retched of sinners until the last possible moment, while some who appear holy are really not.  He knows the WHOLE story and what's in our hearts and if we are trying our best or not and what talents or knowledge we were given.  It just seems there is enough evidence to support it and it makes sense to me so I'm going with it.  I can feel panicked sometimes when I consider the historical view of EENS.  Oh no!  How can this be?  What if it's all a sham? 

Then, it's just comes down to, "Where would I go Lord.  Only you have the words of eternal life."  There really isn't anywhere else for me to go.

I had an exorcism by a wonderful FSSP priest and he brought up concerns about my Charismatic upbringing and the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit".  When I started telling him that I'm not "Charismatic", and I don't agree with some of their practices, and I don't like how the Baptism in the HS seems like an extra sacrament....but I was truly changed by that experience.  I mean before, I would really try to pay attention at Mass but I couldn't make sense of Scripture and wasn't inspired.  After, I was riveted by Scripture and the words would penetrate my heart and I would think about them for the rest of the day and how they apply to my life...."  Father was following a notebook outline and slowly closed the book with a shrug as if to say, "Okay....I have no challenge to that."  (I mean, if you ask the Holy Spirit to come, He's going to come!)

And now, I can no longer go to Mass because of my disease and  I'm only 50.  I haven't been for a few years now!  A parishioner brings me communion on Fridays.  I hardly ever get to Confession.  I say my rosary daily, listen to the readings and occasionally a chaplet.  I pray throughout the day.  I am continually challenged to grow in trust of Our Lord.  I guess this is where He wants me to be right now.

So I would place your life in His hands and just ask Him where He wants you to worship at this time.  He will show you.  It won't be perfect.  If you are striving for sainthood it will probably suck actually.  People will let you down and there will be scandals.  Some will treat you badly.  Persecution by the Church is a common theme in hagiography.  Jesus was killed by people in His own Church. 

But HE WILL BE THERE and that's all you really need.  :monstrance:


Sacred Heart lover
your reply is very beautiful. You have been through so much and somehow held onto the faith. I do not understand the part where you say "thank you for the sexual abuse." That is something that should have never happened to you. You don't need to thank God for horrible crimes committed against you.

But Your post lifted my spirits. I am so happy for you that you have been able to hold onto God in spite of all the evils this world has thrown at you.

Even though I hardly know you at all I feel that I love you and pray for your total well being. Thank you for your post.

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