It's That Time...

I hate to do it, but I must. Yes, it's fund-raising time once again. Marta needs a new pair of shoes!

[Image: marta2.jpg]

Being four-footed, she actually needs two pairs! (in reality, I don't think of her front "feet" as feet at all; they're hands).

In any case, Marta needs no shoes. That was a lie. But FishEaters does need your support, where "FishEaters" includes me, Tracy ("Vox Clamantis"), the woman who wrote the FishEaters (FE) website.

Have you benefited from FE? Has what you learned from FE inspired you to become Catholic or "go trad"? Have your personal and family lives been enriched by all of the traditions, devotions, and liturgical year customs you've learned about here?

If so, and if you're not as broke as I am, consider helping out this website and me, will you? Every little bit helps. Every single dollar! Most helpful are monthly subscriptions whenever possible, whether it's $1, $5, $12, $20, or whatever you're happy and able to give. In addition to subscriptions, one-time donations are always appreciated.

To help out, click the "Click to Donate" or "Click to Subscribe" buttons at the top right of this page, or send checks or money orders to:

      FishEaters, Inc.
      736 North Bosart Avenue
      Indianapolis, IN  46201-2955

Donations are tax-deductible!

Another way to help FishEaters is to use Amazon Smile when buying things from Amazon. Just go to and select FishEaters as the charity you wish to support. When you visit Amazon to make a purchase, go to instead of to Bookmark it! Easy!

Thanks, you guys!



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