Mixed Linens / Old Testament law question
Not sure where to post this, so here goes. In another thread about tattoos, someone had mentioned the ban on mixed linens in the Old Testament, and it got me thinking, why? I've read how many of the OT laws had an alternative purpose as well, beyond something as simple as "the Lord said to." For example, the ban on eating pork has often been described as having the benefit of preventing trichinosis and other porcine related diseases, which would have been of greater concern in that era due to a lack of refrigeration and sanitation. The ban on harvesting fruit and grains more than once in Leviticus specifically mentions that this will ensure there is something for the poor in the community. Likewise, I've read that the ban on tattoos is to avoid getting marked as the Israelites' pagan neighbors (no, I'm not criticizing modern tattoos). But not mixing fabrics? Anyone more versed in Biblical history have some insight?

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