Burning Candle
Pax vobiscum,

well, I was around here today, and answered another thread, but then I remember something that I wanted to ask people who pray with candles and perhaps here, it would be a good place for asking this question.

Ok, so here goes the question, I have here a candle from a saint, and it must burn completely for seven and seven nights. HOWEVER, I fear leaving a candle lit when I'm outside, or sleeping, so the logical thing would be to put out the flame, but that would nulify the candle and its prayer intent and blessing, no?

What do you people do when you have such a case? How must with this?

Thanks in advance.
It's not safe to leave candles burning when you're asleep or away from home.  This is especially true if they're cheap candles, such as those votive candles you find in the Hispanic aisle in grocery stores.  Devotions aren't magic.  If it would be safer to put out the candle when you're not near it, then go ahead and put it out.  The specific way you do it doesn't matter as much as simply doing it.
Yes, just remember that the saint is not going to reject your devotion because you didn't burn a candle in some specific way, that would be some hardcore legalism.
I suppose you are all correct, so thanks!
burn it extra to make up for the time its out?

I used to always have burning one of those candles you find in the Mexican food aisle. For years on end. Never had any problems with them -- though if you have cats who climb around on things, I'd be careful. I'd also set it on top of something that's not inflammable (er, not flammable, too. Weird how those words mean the same thing!) just in case the glass were to break, though that's never happened to me.
Well, it all went well, the candle burnt to its limit and it is now gone, thanks all for the recommendations. I did put out before sleeping or leaving the house, but it was lit all the time I was here in my room, so it didn't take much time.
This is rather in the realm of "folk Catholicism" and not a topic I would endorse or have a great desire to discus at length, but as a matter of physical safety, one method I am aware of is to leave the burning candle in a pan of water; in a home with animals, the candle and pan is removed to a bathtub (assuming it is not one of the questionable plastic/fiberglass ones) and the door is closed.
Personally, I am not comfortable leaving any untended candles burning. [Generalization] Perhaps more important is to avoid becoming ensnared in superstition.

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