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Interesting article on a fascinating apparition, one approved by the local Bishop and one that has lasted a number of years.

For me, one thing stands out and it is something I have mentioned in some of my posts; it is that when evil is dominant in the people and their actions, the evil will show itself in the character of that people, more evil occurrences, for one. If a people are influenced by Holy Spirit, it reflects in the character of the place, but, conversely, if it is evil spirit they follow, then evil is reflected in their society, (Prov 1:24-26) Our society, our world is following after false gods of media, technology and pride (among others) and it shows. (1 Cor 8: 4-6)

The world was a more peaceful and less evil place in the past when Churches were filled and prayer was in living rooms rather than TVs (as Mother Seton prophesied), but today evil is rampant and is becoming more common and diverse and I believe it is because we, as a people, are turning away from God. Our Lady, at this and many other apparition sites has expressed this as well. It is why I recommend, humbly, that everyone should step up their prayer time, the time they spend before The Lord, especially before The Eucharist (John 1:29).

Our Lady has told us, at many times, that eventually, in these days, the Rosary will be our only effective weapon against the Evil in our world...the power of PRAYER. Our Savior stressed the power of Prayer and Fasting as effective against evil as well (Mat 15: 17-20) and we know that whole societies can be changed in this way ( Jonas 3: 5, 10). It should be done properly, but in any event, it should be at least attempted. To not do so is to ignore the only way out of our problems, to ignore God's power in us, our faith, Our Faith in Action, (James 2:14,17,20,24,26) even the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. (Heb 6:6)



Stark but comforting words from Virgin

Mapa oficinas WAVETo continue with messages from those recently-approved apparitions at San Nicolas in Argentina, which was accepted by the local bishop in a formal way on May 22 (2016), many are the nuggets, in turns out, in looking back at them, of advice and warning from Our Heavenly Mother.

The communiques, recorded by seer Galdys Quiroga de Motta, a middle-aged housewife and mother who first saw Mary in 1983 (and by 1990 had received 1,900 messages) include words of spiritual direction, admonition, and prophecy. They stand as a barometer for the spiritual health of the planet -- which, as it turns out, in Heaven's view, is not very healthy.

"I say to my children: do not seek beyond what the Lord marks for you, for all would be barren," the Blessed Mother told Gladys in May of 1987, to quote one in the advice category. "Remember, my children," she said on October 15, 1984, "that when a storm comes, only the Lord can dispel the clouds. Place your trust in the Savior and He will protect you with His protecting arm."

That preparation, Mary repeated -- over and again -- includes detachment from materialism and things of the world. One must consider how much of our lives are based on what is worldly, how much of the Church has fallen into this snare, and how often aridity invades our pews and rectories as a result.

Poignant words for our time -- when religious aridity, superciliousness, intellectual pretension, and worldliness reign.

Actually, said Mary, a tempest already "has broken out, a terrible tempest, the work of the devil" (April 6, 1986). "The enemy is challenging me pitilessly; he is tempting my children openly. It is a war between light and darkness, a constant persecution of my dear Church" (May 22, 1986).

"My children, do not live in the easy way as is done these days, to the rhythms of madness, of violence, believing that man alone can provide himself with everything he may want," said Mary on July 17 1984. "All is falsehood, because it is a mistaken way of living."

"Pray for those lost souls, for the materialism that wants to be imposed on the weak, for that hollow world in which so many children fall and that offers nothing," was said on October 25, of the same year -- timeless messages.

But messages focused too on our time.

"Keep your spirit calm, beloved children," the Blessed Mother of San Nicolas said that October. "If you find yourselves near hatred, withdraw from hatred. Christ is not there. If you find yourselves facing someone who feels powerful, withdraw from him also, as Christ is not there either."

Image result for san nicolas argentina'The number of directives and the fact that it has met full ecclesiastic approbation undermines an argument by skeptics that certain apparitions with too many appearances over too long a time cannot be valid. In fact, apparitions at Laus in France occurred over a period of more than fifty years (1664 until 1718) and were finally approved in 2008.

But back to the epistles:

One of the most urgent current problems, Mary repeated, is pride, which she described as a "giant evil" in the world of today. (The "prince of pride" has always been Satan.) To fight this, she said, there should be special devotion to the Holy Rosary and perpetual novenas, "never interrupted." Unrelenting. (Pray without ceasing, says Scripture, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.)

"Everyone is aware that the earth is in great danger," Gladys recorded. "The devil wants to have full domination over the earth. He wants to destroy." Praying "sends the evil one away," said Mary. But instead, lamented the Holy Mother -- there in the archdiocese of a future Pope -- "the world is condemning itself." Little epistles.

Two-thirds of the world "is lost" and the remainder "must make reparation," she warned -- extraordinary, sobering, if not shocking words.

"Oh my daughter," Mary told Gladys on September 28, 1986, "how many children I find today in submission to the evil one! Wickedness is rampant, but I will finish with it; the Lord grants me the power to achieve it.

"I say to the people of the world: hope in the Lord humbly, acknowledging that no one can follow the path if he does not cling to God."

"A solitary soul is like a desert: there the drought dries all."

What is dry is prone to burn, one might add -- to find destruction.

"Pray, my dear daughter, for the world to know Him, because in spite of everything, of the centuries, the Lord is not known, and as long as this continues, mankind will suffer," she said.

"A sorry end is their fate, while God has reserved for Christians a lovely awakening, a new life with Christ and in Christ and through Christ. May the Lord be praised forever."
In an article by CNA, there are three things that make this much different from Medjugorje.

1. It was officially approved after an investigation by the local Ordinary as being worthy of belief and containing no error.

2. The seer is not well-educated and certainly has not the intellectual prowess or coaching to make up so many message without having made some errors, yet the bishop found none.

3. As the article says, the seer has been sharing the apparitions with Church authorities from the beginning, has always been obedient and open to the authorities, and is know to live a very private life, not seeking to promote herself.

While we are in no way obliged to accept these messages or apparitions, these factors, among other, make this much more worthy of belief.
Another article on this apparition:


Mary’s Stern Warning of Chastisements Approved

by Dan Lynch | June 30, 2016

“As Jesus drew near, he saw the city and wept over it saying, ‘If this day you only knew what makes for peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes. For the days are coming upon you when your enemies will raise a palisade against you; they will encircle you and hem you in on all sides. They will smash you to the ground and your children within you, and they will not leave one stone upon another within you because you did not recognize the time of your visitation.’ ” (Luke 19:41-44).

“Do not say, ‘His mercy is great; my many sins he will forgive.’ For mercy and anger alike are with him; his wrath comes to rest on the wicked. Do not delay turning back to the LORD, do not put it off day after day. For suddenly his wrath will come forth; at the time of vengeance, you will perish.” (Sirach 5:4-7).

On May 22, 2016, Bishop Hector Sabatino Cardelli approved the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in San Nicolas, Argentina, and acknowledged them as supernatural. This is the highest form of Church approval. Another bishop previously approved the messages.

The apparitions and messages are some of the sternest ever approved by the Church. They warn of chastisements, the loss of two thirds of the world to evil, the great danger to earth, and that humanity is hanging by a thread.

Mary gave the messages to Gladys Herminia Quiroga, a middle-aged housewife and mother, from 1983. By 1990, she had received approximately 1900 messages.

Mary said, “You must be warned, children, the plague is big. At these moments all humanity is hanging by a thread. My children, the senseless person is dead, even if alive, because he does not fear the justice of God, nor fears not fulfilling of His commandments. He wants to ignore the fact that the Lord’s day and his judgment will arrive. Blessed are those who fear God’s judgment.”

“God’s warning is over the world. Those who stay in the Lord have nothing to fear, but those who deny what comes from him do. Two-thirds of the world is lost and the other part must pray and make reparation for the Lord to take pity. The devil wants to have full domination over the earth. He wants to destroy. The earth is in great danger.”

So let us pledge to make reparation for the Lord to take pity, as Mary requested.

Mary also said, “The majority of mankind has allowed itself to become contaminated and asSan Nicholas 2 a result the world is under a warning. . . . The young find themselves facing a corrupt, horrifying world. Do not allow yourselves to be taken in by the calamities which you have before your eyes. At these moments all humanity is hanging by a thread. If the thread breaks, many will be those who do not reach salvation. That is why I call you to reflection. Hurry because time is running out; there will be no room for those who delay in coming!”

Mary tells us, “The weapon that has the greatest influence on evil is to say the Rosary.” She described pride as a “giant evil” in the world of today. To fight this, she said that there should be special devotion to the Holy Rosary and perpetual novenas, “never interrupted.”

So let us pledge to pray the Rosary. Please join us in 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting.

And let us pray perpetual novenas to our Lady of Guadalupe. Click here to pray the prayers.

Mary gave us hope and said, “A new time has begun. A new hope has born; attach yourselves to this hope. The very intense light of Christ is going to be reborn, for just as on Calvary, after Crucifixion and death, the Resurrection took place, the Church too will be born again through the strength of love.”

dan lynchDan Lynch is the Director of Dan Lynch Apostolates promoting devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations, Our Lady of America and St. John Paul II. He is an author, public speaker and a former judge and lawyer in Vermont. He has appeared many times on radio and television and has spoken at conferences throughout the world. You may learn more about Dan here.
(06-25-2016, 11:47 AM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: While we are in no way obliged to accept these messages or apparitions, these factors, among other, make this much more worthy of belief.

Having spoken recently with an Argentinian priest about these apparitions, I have to say I have some more serious doubts about the matter. He had the impression that there were some financial motives for the approval which seem to have some merit. I'm not going to pass a negative judgement based only on such an impression, but perhaps there's more to this story. Given the frequency of the apparitions which does not correspond with the typical apparitions which have been deemed authentic, this at least makes me wonder.

Still, with the local Ordinary's judgement, one could accept that these apparitions may be authentic without moral fault, but the local Ordinary is not infallible, and thus judgement does not bind the faithful to accept the apparitions as true, so I simply withhold judgement.
Your one "Argentinian Priest" not withstanding, here are a few others with conflicting viewpoints, it would seem:


Apparitions of San Nicolas Approved by Bishop

Catholic News Agency Interviews "Miracle Hunter" Michael O'Neill

(CNA) What began with glowing rosaries and the rediscovery of a statue of the Virgin Mary in Argentina has now been approved by the local bishop as a series of apparitions that are “of supernational origin” and worthy of belief.

And the designation is deeply significant, recognizing the messages of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, which exhort peace and give dire warnings, one miracle researcher says.

Bishop Hector Cardelli of San Nicolas in Argentina’s Buenos Aires province made the announcement May 22 at the conclusion of a Mass during the well-attended pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas.

The bishop has investigated the contents of the apparitions through 1990.

“(I)n my twelfth year of pastoring San Nicolas and, having followed with faith and responsibility the Marian events that I have known about since the very beginning, I have reached the decision to recognize them for my diocese,” Bishop Hector said.

“I recognize the supernatural nature of the happy events with which God through his beloved daughter, Jesus through his Most Holy Mother, the Holy Spirit through his beloved spouse, has desired to lovingly manifest himself in our diocese.”

Michael O’Neil, a miracle researcher and author of Exploring the Miraculous who runs the website, told CNA that the approval is significant. It means that the messages from the apparitions are not only approved for the faithful to read, he explained: the bishop is saying the events were in fact actual miraculous apparitions.

Continue reading the CNA artlcle

EWTN News Interviews Miracle Hunter about San Nicolas Apparitions
Michael O'Neill, interviewed by EWTN News Nightly about the recent approval of the apparitions of San Nicolas, Argentina (1983-1990)
Watch video >

Other interviews about the San Nicolas apparitions

Relevant Radio, The Drew Mariani Show - Listen
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(07-01-2016, 12:35 PM)Zedta Wrote: Your one "Argentinian Priest" not withstanding, here are a few others with conflicting viewpoints, it would seem:

Apparently you missed that I already linked to the CNS article in my first post ...

And Zedta, nothing against you, but I get the impression here that you're a very enthusiastic and zealous person (nothing wrong there), but every time I have tried to put your very enthusiastic claims in perspective, make theological distinctions (as with death and the body and soul), present the Church's traditionally-balanced Ascetical practice (warning about the dangers in taking on too severe a penance without proper ascetical formation as in the the call to 40 days of fast), providing the Church's worry about Medjugore, or pointing out worries about this Argentinian apparition, you reaction has been knee-jerk, not well-though out.

Here is another example. Instead of actually omitting a response to a fairly benign doubt I wanted to express, you've chosen in a single swath to try to suggest I don't know what I'm talking about, that this priest's opinion is not worthwhile (despite his 30+ years of experience), and instead we should trust a lay "miracle hunter". That's not a proportionate, nor an intelligent response.

To be clear, I'm not against you. I have no desire to rain on your parade, but I think it's important to encourage a piety based on sound doctrine.

To be clear, once more, I do not doubt your piety, but history has shown you are very interested in providing us lost of quotes, news and citations without wanting to engage in looking at them in the light of the Church's historical concerns. I think it important in such a situation to at least try to present questions for thought.

I have no desire to attack or diminish the value of these apparitions, if they are authentic. Originally I had zero background on them, and posted a positive response. After my discussion with a very sound priest who knows the apparition well, I have some doubts, and I wanted to communicate those so I did not appear to give a blanket endorsement here. That's all.

I hope we can continue to have constructive discussions on this an other subjects, though, I can say, I really don't have the background on this particular apparition. Then again, I sorta doubt you do either, since you're just quoting articles.

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