I have a question about one of my blog posts.
(06-24-2016, 06:05 PM)Sir Charles Napier Wrote: It seemed OK to me.  Perhaps consider re-posting in a slightly broader context.  Instead of just using the quote alone, use the quote, followed by a Lutheran explanation of the quote, then followed by why said explanation is wrong.

Have you considered typing in tongues to reach the Pentecostals?
I just wanted to make sure that the message was effective. The criticisms were from a Lutheran, so...I can understand why he would go to the "out of context" line. For me, with all due respect for his sincerity, that's always seemed like a weak response. Whether in or out of context, it is never okay to call Jesus an adulterer and fornicator. Period. Perhaps the "out of context" bit is an insulator keeping him from addressing Protestantism's issues.



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