Enough Apologizing for Mary?
Came across this ikos in the Menaion for today, the feast of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of Kazan, and it made me think of this thread:

Quote:Having cleansed thought and mind, let us make haste to the Theotokos, calling her blessed in splendid hymns; and let us glorify and honor her all-pure icon, and falling down before it, let us do homage as to herself; for the veneration shown an icon ascendeth unto the Prototype, and he that honoreth and boweth down before it, honoreth the Prototype Himself, as the divine fathers have said. And if one doth not reverence the all-holy Theotokos, and doth not venerate her icon, let him be anathema; for she putteth to shame and destroyeth them that honor her not, and delivereth from great misfortunes and evils her good-hearted and God-fearing servants.

So much for saying Marian devotion is optional!  :LOL:

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