Unmarried and vacationing...common question, different answers.
There are four seasons of the show and it is too funny!  The last episode is actually a sweet ending too. 

I'm glad the social worker is willing to meet.  She may be secular but she can speak about the health issues all the same.

My kids are younger.  I'm still in survival mode.    :)
:LOL: Yes, special powers can't arrive when you are burned out and surviving.  But what do I know?  I've only learned from observation and not mothering experience myself.

Social worker emailed me a quick e-pamphlet.  I guess my concerns are common because there is already a professional pamphlet!  But anyway, Lug looked it, and it is all about sexual health, and his first thought, "Why are the people on it SO OLD?"  :eyeroll: Because I'm an actually octogenarian inside and get used to it!  :P
Please tell me a hot date isn't parcheesi and shuffleboard!  :grin:
*whispers* Is it bad I know they play shuffleboard at the Senior Olympics?  :blush:  But as evidenced here, my hot dates pale in comparison to so many others.  Poetry, lunch, philosophy and a nap.  :LOL:  I better stop talking, this is embarrassing.  We can't even do gym stuff together because have you seen sambo shorts? 

I did have to google parcheesi though!
I pinned my hair up in braids today a la Princess Lea and Pilgrim is a bit beside himself.  No chain mail bikini though . . . .  Even sambo shorts are more demure than that getup!  :grin:

A hot date night here sounds pretty similar, so I have no room to judge. 
O.K., this is proof I have never seen Star Wars ever at all!  But I know who Princess Lea is and her fabulous braids . . . now, that's a cute look!  But there's a chain mail bikini?  Is that what she wears? Wow, you learn new things every day.

As for the shorts, there's a funny story.  The second or third time I saw him was at the gym.  So, he's there in those shorts but he had a t-shirt over top.  (Not a proper outfit but that's besides the point.)  I did a double take because I thought he wasn't wearing any pants in general and I didn't know what I walked into!  :LOL:
There is one scene where Lea wares the chain mail.  I think every boy from that generation had dreams about her based on it.  Pilgrim  saw my hair and just looked like all his dreams had come true.  :grin:  Funny thing is that my hair is only to my waist or so, and I can't pull off the full look.  All it takes is an approximation . . . .

I'd take a second look if I thought someone was walking around with no pants on . . .  Then my brain would click and tell me to look away.  :LOL:
Did the chain mail bikini serve a purpose in the film or was it just to make boys dream?  ???  That's really cute though how Pilgrim enjoyed your hair; boy's dream coming true as a man!  My hair is waist-length too since I am 'encouraged' to do traditional braiding for family events, cultural stuff and the like.  So, I understand to an extent how much of a deal it is to get your Princess Lea braids!  Even if not to the full extent, it is an accomplishment.  (Based on my memory..)

Oh yeah, the 'no pants' moment really confused me for a moment there.  I guess that's what he's comfortable in but he's not doing that particular sport anymore.  Get some longer shorts!  :LOL: 

I learned about an onion festival close to where we are going but it happens in September.  :(  I would prefer an onion festival but alas, no such luck.  I hope it will still be there when I can travel again in who knows... 
She was enslaved to a nasty monster and dressed for his entertainment.  I believe she strangled him with the chain that connected her to him somewhere in the fight scene where she is rescued.  My hair didn't look like hers in that scene but like this. 
[Image: Leia-Hoth-Hair.jpg] 
Only, I had a single curl on one side that I couldn't manage to work into the braid.  The coil to the back looked thicker too for some reason. 
I would love to pull off this one but I guarantee this needs at least two people braiding and some extension braids.  There's just no way I have enough hair.
[Image: ceremony5.jpg]
Pilgrim would bust something if I wore my hair that way.  I just don't have anyone who could help me.  My sister braided it yesterday and then I put it up while I did hers.  But she doesn't live anywhere nearby and visits rarely . . . 

Traditional Russian braids are beautiful and very similar in concept to some of this stuff.  In fact, doing it right probably takes far more skill than my sister and I possess. 

Longer pants would certainly make working out a bit better.  As he grows to understand the need for modesty and how it comes into play in a non-married relationship, he'll figure it out.  If not, just tell him his manly thighs and the thought of him with no pants on is more than you can handle - at least until you are married.  :grin:

An onion festival sounds cute - unless it's raw onions you are encouraged to eat.  Imagine a raw onion eating contest . . .  But onion braiding (since we are on the subject) might be cool.  :)
(07-01-2016, 12:59 PM)Fontevrault Wrote: She was enslaved to a nasty monster and dressed for his entertainment.  I believe she strangled him with the chain that connected her to him somewhere in the fight scene where she is rescued. 
So, a nasty pervy monster.  And he got what was coming to him then! It's like damsel in distress with a feminist twist that the monster got strangled.  I bet somewhere out there a Star Wars fan wants to slap me.

Let's face it, the hair is awesome.  I'm sure Pilgrim appreciated such a pretty, feminine hair-do that stirred feelings from his boyhood dreams.  You're right on that a lot of these styles require a lot of help.  My mother still has to braid the back of mine when I need it done.  My arms don't reach and I usually make a crooked braid.  However, just being able to come close to the Princess style is a big deal.  For my graduation, I had someone do the whole thing.  She did it so tight I was walking around like Yulia Tymoshenko for a few days.  Got my money's worth then!  :LOL:  So, when are you going to incorporate some chain mail into the deal? As Medieval historians, you must have some ideas, the both of you! 

I tried eating a whole raw onion once because it was so delicious.  I ended up vomiting a half hour later.  :LOL:  And yes, they do onion braiding!  And onion dolls!  And onion jam and bread!  And dancing! Have to pray every day that though I have to carry my cross, I need to accept patience as well.  :Hmm:

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