Unmarried and vacationing...common question, different answers.
I'm pregnant - no chain mail on this bod.  :grin:  Besides, you need to line the chain mail for it to be remotely comfortable.  I did clean out my closet recently and found a nice assortment of never worn sexy nightgowns though!  It was quite a surprise.  I found a whole box of silky things I'd forgotten I owned along with a few cute sundresses and some other stuff.  I have decided that I own far too many clothes.  Pilgrim is just happy with the hair at the moment.  I will save the rest for a special event - after the baby when they'll fit again. 

When I try to curl my hair, I can barely reach the end of the longest portions.  I need help doing much in the way of fancy stuff.  My mom, however, is not someone I could trust my hair to.  She thinks I should have short hair.  I can't stand my hair short . . . For my daughter's wedding, I just curled it all, threw it into a pony tail and then pinned curls into a little crown.  It was the best I could do given that I had a total of 10 minutes to get ready - between prepping kids. 

I can't stand eating raw onions.  However, onion tart is lovely and braided onions are cool.  I'll pray you are well enough to visit the onion festival.  Just take it one day at a time and be patient with yourself.
Ha ha ha . . . yes, I know you are pregnant so alas no chain mail.  :grin:  When are you due?  Lined chain mail after? Or a new-found nightgown with your special hair?  :P

You need to tell your mom that a thick, long braid is an illustration of your worth as a woman.  :grin:  I know you said she is very liberal but who cannot resist some tradition? 

I think I am just obsessed with these vegetable holidays because of the market stalls that sell weird crafts.  And the strange dancing.  It sounds really predictable but everyone makes a 'Bucket List' of things they'll do after they get their organ/organs.  I'll have to dream bigger than 'onion fest' and 'Savior of the Apple Feast Day'.  :LOL:
We shall see about bikini anything...  :) 40 in a bikini, even just in private doesn't seem quite right.  But sexy undies or a nighty?  Sure. 

Mom is just a little off when it comes to things feminine.  She doesn't do girly or womanly makeup, hair, clothes - except for big evenings out when people will see her.  Dad?  Nope. He doesn't really count.  She teases me about having more than one color of eyeshadow and is shocked that I won't wear blue like her.  She also claims to be allergic to lace.  We are so different that you have to wonder how I grew up in her house.

I love European festivals like that for the same reason.  The markets in France are always full of interesting stuff and amazing antiques.  The US is so homogenized that nothing approaches the lovely artisanal stuff you can get elsewhere.  Heck, I started making my own soaps just to get my hands on savon de Marseilles at a price I can afford.  I always bring it back when I visit but it's nice to be able to make it myself given that four little kids use a lot of soap.

I don't think it's weird to think about life after major surgery at all.  I would make plans too.  I don't mean to pry but how many organs are being taken care of in one go?  The plural in your last note has me worried...
Now, no disrespect to your mom, but I hardly think a lack of blue eye shadow is a reason to protest.  :LOL: She should be PRAISING you for your wise choices and sense.  There are some nice shades of blue but it just doesn't work for most people.  And it is absolutely normal to have more than one color of eyeshadow!  How could you not??  However, it is funny how mother-daughter relationships differ.  If my mother is known for one thing, it's her grooming a la Real Housewives of *insert city here*.  It's fair to say that she would be included in the Slavic woman stereotype that gets tossed around easily.  Hair and make-up have to be just so or she's crabby.  Naturally, my father is pleased because people think his wife is younger. Don't get me wrong, I have an obsession with lace too and I wear make-up but a lot of the time I go without so she heckles me.

The good thing is she doesn't understand/get the generation gap between her aesthetics and today's beauty standard.  To her, it's about being ladylike and classy.  "A lady should always look like a lady but with some mystery!"  But, she hasn't comprehended how fake "the look" is today.  Contouring is the norm so your face looks transformed.  False eyelashes and lip injections.  Before, those were things for "special occasions" or specialties but now, it's the norm.  False eyelashes are an everyday accessory: it blows my mind.  :shrug:

You make savon de Marseille?  Wow and respect to you.  Is it true that the whole process for a batch takes up to a month?  The markets in France are an educational experience as well as the cultural activities that are specific to regions or certain towns.  It's wonderful when people are dedicated to continuing traditions that have shaped their people.  To me, it may be cute but there is much more meaning behind them.  We'll never have a 'European culture' day here because people will consider it racist so we have to go where they are in the world! 

No, you're not prying at all.  Just two: liver and kidney.  The liver is the bigger deal, it's obviously had lots of damage but it is plugging along for now.  The kidneys are the ones that went on retirement quite quickly and causing the most side effects.  And to relate to the above statements about mothers, my mother is already talking about getting plastic surgery for my future scar.  :LOL:     
Wow!  Our moms are so different!  Mine washes her face with SOAP and puts on hand cream as moisturizer.  :LOL:  She has one shade of blue eyeshadow that she bought sometime in the 80s and wears the same outfit over and over if she isn't going to be seen.  I don't think she owns foundation and has one shade of lipstick to my 10 or so.  Her only girly habit: jewelry - and big expensive stuff.  I can't believe what dad spends on that stuff.  When she dresses up, she looks like she'd fit it almost anywhere in Paris (which I suppose makes sense).  But I can't figure out how she has completely missed the French woman's effortless style and everyday perfection.  She has lived there a long, long time and not absorbed one bit of it.  :LOL:

I like clothes (though I spend less on them these days - 4 kids are expensive), nice undies ($180 for a bra is not unheard of but they really last), and put on makeup when I have the time.  I would love to have a whole 30-45 minutes for myself each day.  If I did, I would look as good as I possibly can, but instead my kids jump on my bed at 6 am dressed, beds made, teeth brushed, and ready for mommy time.  If I could only bottle that energy . . . 

Savon de Marseilles takes about a month for the base recipe to finish curing.  Then, I usually mill it and add stuff (milk and honey, lavender, spices, whatever). :)  That adds some time to dry because you don't want to package a wet bar (mold!). 

I love those old European markets and festivals.  You are so right: anything that celebrates what is now termed "white privilege" is anathema here.  I hate it!  It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  There was an article on Foxnews.com today about how elite private schools in New York are segregating students and "educating" white students about their privilege while giving treats and parties to non-white students in celebration of their cultural heritage.  Parents are quite justifiably outraged.  I wouldn't pay thousands of dollars to those people for my kid to be taught to be ashamed of who and what he is. 

I'll be praying - a lot - that all goes well with the transplants.  The need to suppress your immune system alone would freak me out.  I'm betting it will be a long recovery.  But when you are safe to travel, what fun you will have! 
Strange question for you but one only a Russian would understand (from what I hear):

My middle boy has an obscene amount of body hair - and I mean it looks almost like fur on a 6 year old body.  Are all Russian men this way?  What can be done for him because he will never want to go swimming, take his shirt off, anything once he hits 13 or so.  I think it looks like it will thicken up and be a pelt on his back.  I've never seen anything like it.  Now, I don't want to sound weird . . .  I don't mind some hair but I think the amount he has now will be embarrassing later.  Is there some  kind of Russian folk remedy that works for this little problem?  Can you ask your mom maybe?
(07-02-2016, 11:16 AM)Fontevrault Wrote: Strange question for you but one only a Russian would understand (from what I hear):

My middle boy has an obscene amount of body hair - and I mean it looks almost like fur on a 6 year old body.  Are all Russian men this way?  What can be done for him because he will never want to go swimming, take his shirt off, anything once he hits 13 or so.  I think it looks like it will thicken up and be a pelt on his back.  I've never seen anything like it.  Now, I don't want to sound weird . . .  I don't mind some hair but I think the amount he has now will be embarrassing later.  Is there some  kind of Russian folk remedy that works for this little problem?  Can you ask your mom maybe?
No problem about a strange question; we're all friends here.  :grin:

Ah, hair and the Russian man.  A very complex topic.  There are some men that are fair and look absolutely hairless.  And then, there are the others that have similar skin tones and have carpets all over.  My boyfriend couldn't grow a beard if he tried but he gets his chest waxed and he's pretty fair.  A lot of men don't worry about it because it further shows their manliness.  If you go to the beach, you wouldn't be shocked to see some back hair and belly hair.  We also seem to have a lot of unibrows too.  So, your son may be one of those naturally furry Russians.  The difference is the cultural view of hair: in the USA, there is shame, so that is sad and I get it. 

My mother says that there are folk remedies but she questions their potency.  Apparently, drinking two cups of mint tea a day works.  And a study somewhere recently proved it (don't take my mother's word on science though  :LOL: ) Since your boy is young and still a child, he could chew on spearmint leaves.  There is an onion and basil paste as well.  One would have to apply it on a regular basis but it apparently slows hair growth.  Leave it to farmers to rely on onions.  :LOL:  Here's a secret: I'm a hairy Russian too and I just resorted to lasering my legs and arms.  It doesn't work great but it helps.  The funny thing is that my brother is a hairless Russian man.  :LOL:

As for the previous post...

How is your mom's skin?  A lot of the women who have used 'just soap' have aged with some of the best skin.  But then again, that's just genetics. 

(07-02-2016, 11:12 AM)Fontevrault Wrote: She has one shade of blue eyeshadow that she bought sometime in the 80s and wears the same outfit over and over if she isn't going to be seen. 
Now, the blue eyeshadow makes complete sense.  :grin:  There's a lot of 80s style that has reemerged so maybe she looks really chic now.  And 80s style goes perfectly with big, bold jewels.  :wench:  So, maybe the look actually works?  Was she living in Paris in the 80s? Perhaps it is a melange of both worlds.  You can call her style "Late 20th century Parisian fusion".

I couldn't live with one lipstick though.  Just one? Lipstick is a bit of an obsession in this household.  Between my mother and I, I am not joking, there are like 100 tubes.  There's a company that makes a shade called "Belarus" so naturally, I had to buy it.  They used to have a lip gloss called Azov Rose so I wore that during the Crimean crisis.  :LOL: Clothes are also a weakness of mine but in all honesty, it helps in staying modest.  A lot of the more expensive brands have pieces that look beautiful and keep you covered.  So, I avoid a lot of the 'are you a Mormon?'  questions.  People never assume that I'm following a modest dress code.  Let's not even start talking about lingerie.  There are some brands I buy solely for the embroidery and the pearls.  So, hey, take care of yourself when you can.  It is most important especially when you are a mother to so many little ones.  You still want to feel womanly though you lack energy.  And I am sure your husband appreciates it as well.

I am so sick of the white privilege talk but as they'd say, my privilege is showing.  It is fair to say I knew the wave was coming before the big proliferation in recent years because the SJW's started making complaints about having to study European history as core curriculum.  No one wanted to learn about 'Eurocentric' topics and a flawed narrative of colonialism.  Then, when the atmosphere was right, it just turned into a great white hate.  Just because one is proud of their heritage and eccentricities doesn't mean they do not respect other cultures.  All these long-time traditions need to be preserved and if that means turning them into tourist traps for saps like me, so be it.

All together, how long does it take to get a final product of savon de Marseilles?  That is a pretty impressive hobby.  Impressive and clean!  :grin:
Well, maybe I'll just have to encourage my son to be proud of it.  In all honesty, my husband is a bit fuzzy himself.  He just keeps covered up - a lot.  I guess I shouldn't worry about it since a proper Catholic man wouldn't be shirtless in public anyway . . .  :LOL:  But man, he's got sideburns and back hair at 6! 

Mom is and has been well preserved for quite a while.  It's catching up on her . . .  :grin:  Her style is very American because she does much of her shopping here.  I think I spend more money on clothes in Europe than she does.  :grin:

I find that I select colors that are all in a similar family (makes sense), so I try not to go too crazy with lipstick.  That being said, I have an obscene amount of flavored lip gloss - so much that I end up throwing it out before it's done.  I really need to stay away from make-up counters and the like. 

I tend to go through no shopping phases.  So, I guess I hit capacity on clothes.  I figure if I have stuff with the tags still on that I didn't know I own, I have too much.  That being said, I'm dangerous when I decide I need a wardrobe reboot.  I can make a store's sales figures for the day without much thought.  If Pilgrim teases me about it but then says I do it so infrequently that it ends up being more cost effective than a lot of little trips out for "this and that."  At least when I am finished there is a "plan" to the clothes I'm wearing.  You are quite right: the better clothes tend to cover far more of the body and are well worth the money. 

As for fantastic undies, well let's just say one brand: Prima Donna.  Boy is it worth it!  Pilgrim thinks they are beautiful (they are), and they wear like iron.  I have bras that are 5 or 6 years old and perfect.  Free alterations, a personal shopper who will FedEx the latest stuff to my door (my size hasn't changed in forever), and fabulous fit make it all worth while.  I figure if I were to buy a $15 bra at Walmart every 2 months or so, I would spend $90 a year.  So, my $180 bra pays for itself inside of 2 years of wear.  I'm well ahead of the game on many of them since I've had them so long.

I suppose the fact that I teach European history and love talking about "dead white dudes" makes me an elitist in every possible sense of the term.  It ticks me off that people want to do away with the foundations of Western Civ as if they are inconsequential.  At least I can say my students walk away knowing why the stuff they study is important.  Apparently there are too many profs who don't manage to communicate that. 

All told, I imagine it takes me about 2 months to finish a complete batch of soap.  That's with extra drying time for additives, lag time because I need to find a solid 2 hour period of time to French mill the base soap, and time to wrap and package those bad boys for gifts and the like.  It's really not that hard.  The big scary thing is working with lye.  Even that isn't too bad as long as you don't have short people about. 
If you need a good example for your son, teach him about the bogatyri.  They may be folk heroes (mostly fictional but based on real people!) but the most masculine of men want to be a bogatyr.  They are known for their big bushy beards and hair.  If one was around for examination, I guarantee he’d have a fuzzy back.  They were always covered up in traditional clothing and armour but there is this sneaking feeling they had lots of body hair.  Good morals in the stories too! 

Ah, you are busty so it is only the wisest decision to spend on proper undergarments.  A bad fitting bra turns a seemingly good day to the most annoying day on earth.  Quite a few busty women complain they can never find good-fitting bras so I guess I shall refer them to Prima Donna!  Gosh, they are really gorgeous.  :) For what is included in the purchase, that’s really something though.  I understand that not all women have the same purchasing abilities, especially when families come first, but good quality lingerie does wonders for a body shape.  I love La Perla for basic everyday (especially love their culottes under skirts!) and Fleur of England.  There's another English brand I love for their embroidery and embellishments but they are not very modest.  So, I just focus on the pieces with gold thread and such and ignore all the others.  My friends think I am crazy because no one sees my underwear but it’s not the point.  I’m comfortable and feel feminine.  And the world can use some femininity these days... even though I set people on fire.

We sure as heck covered a lot of topics in this thread.  How we got from a vacation to bras is beyond me!  :LOL:  I guess it is a reminder to think about packing!
  :LOL:  A good conversation should range a bit! 

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