Unmarried and vacationing...common question, different answers.
Zubr, that's a hard one!  I will be honest and say I think you and Lug might cross some lines.  Which ones and how severely, I don't know.  But we are talking about a lot of opportunity to sin without anyone really knowing.  The problem is the lack of boundaries and freedom  created by an extended trip.  It puts Lug at a huge advantage to push things if he chooses.  If it were me, I wouldn't do the trip unless you were engaged and going specifically to meet family.  Then again, it's not me . . .  And when I met Pilgrim, I lacked the moral fortitude to make wise choices (heck, nobody even mentioned chastity as an option!  I was sent off to school with a massive bag of condoms from a very liberal mother).  You were taught differently than I was.  Perhaps I'm coming to this with my own sinful past in mind. 

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