Catholic Mother Goose - A Real Treasure For Kids!
I just wanted to share a treasure that I've found this last month.

For over 25 years I've searched for unconditionally good books for younger children and Catholic Mother Goose is a dream come true. It was an honest pleasure to read this book. This is written how all Catholic books ought to be written!

You can put it right next to your Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson rhyme books. You can read it to your little ones and assign it to your mid to older children. I'll bet that by putting it in the living room, your children will read it without suggestion.

I wish I'd had it for our children when they were little, and I've got it on my list for when grandchildren come. I'm so glad to have a truly good Catholic book to recommend to family and friends for Catholic preschool and kindergarten and I'm very glad to be able to add it to our website. Please see my review here if you would like:

Thanks for sharing!
You're welcome! I really think you'll like the book.

'Sorry  to take so long to reply.



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