What does your spirituality look like?
OK Renatus, I've never read "To cook a Saint" but you've got me interested.

Anyway, my spirituality is somewhat Dominican, imagine that. I do a lot of spiritual reading and much of my prayer is more intellectual in nature. I like to think I'm rather eclectic so I don't necessarily stick to just Roman Catholic stuff, occasionally I will venture into Eastern stuff or at times even things from my protestant days though only if it doesn't conflict with the church.

I like to pray the Divine Office (Divino Afflatu version), I am trying to have a devotion to the Rosary but I stink at it. I wear a Miraculous medal, a St. Benedict medal, and occasionally a Brown Scapular.

I have a great devotion to Our Lady in several forms. I also have devotions to St. Dominic Savio who is my patron, St Michael and my guardian angel because angels are just cool, St. Thomas Aquinas, and many others. I'm really praying for Mother Angelica's canonization as well.

Overall I just try to focus on consecrating everything I do and doing it as best I can.

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