What does your spirituality look like?
The Rosary has always been the center of my prayer life, it really changed my life when I started praying it daily way back. At work, and in between rosaries I pray the Jesus Prayer, and in the evenings I pray it with prostrations. I pray the psalms whenever free to, although I don't pray them according to any 'rule,' I just chronologically pray them from my Bible over and over. I have tried praying the Office, but I have not got into a good rhythm with it yet. On Vigils I try to keep a vigil to prepare for the upcoming feast, usually alternating between prostrations and psalms until I get too tired. Following the calendar of feasts and saints also helps with prayer, while learning about the saints it is important to build a relationship with them I think, for the forces of evil are are eager for the demise of our souls, so the more saints we can ask to help us in this fight the better.

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