The SSPX to be given personal prelature?
(07-29-2016, 08:18 PM)ermy_law Wrote: We were told, during the sermon on the Sunday before last, that the SSPX will never and can never accept Vatican II.
In response to this, I'm going to paste in here something I posted on another forum, being that "accept" is a very vague word:

Miriam_M Wrote:with regard to SSPX and all the other fine trad apostolates, what is really required is this:  Dear Rome, on a practical, day to day level, what would "accepting Vatican II" look like for the Society or for anyone?  Because at least 4 options are possible here:

"accepting" means merely never saying anything negative about it
"accepting" means publicly affirming its wonders -- in documents, from the pulpit, whatever
"accepting" means creating specific catechetical programs within SSPX, etc. structures, to be included among other catechetical programs
"accepting" means heresy:  i.e., teaching that Vatican 2 is the exclusive reference point for Roman Catholicism.  That, my friends, is the material reality in most Conciliar parishes in the U.S.

If you're a trad apostolate and you "submit" to NuChurch by stating with your lips that you, the leaders of said apostolate, "accept" V2, what does that require you to do, practically and morally?  For the trads I know, and the trad leadership to whom I submit, "accepting" is a completely empty (impotent) term.  We, laity and clergy, ignore V2.  There is no reference to it, no teaching of it, etc.  The entire era is skipped, which is appropriate, since the apostates, post-V2, have themselves repeatedly tried to erase about 1, 960 years of Church teaching which preceded the Council.

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